Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Walking Queen

When summer arrives, we officially join the real dawg world (oh, the horror) and actually go for WALKS!  Our yard is large enough and we play hard enough that Mommy doesn't have to walk us on a daily basis during the school year.  Even though taking walks puts us in the ordinary dawg category, we really do like to go on these mini adventures with Mommy each morning.  This summer is no different; I am proving that once again I'm the Walking Queen!

I sit back and let Dixie take the lead.  Mommy knows this isn't good dawg-walking form, but it keeps our leashes from becoming tangled.  I don't mind it one bit because I get Mommy all to myself.  Mommy uses this opportunity to tell me what a good girl I am.  (Duh.)  Sometimes she even allows me to wear my crown so I can prove my superiority to all we pass!

So far our biggest adventure has been trying to chase a rabbit!  We saw one two days in a row in the exact same spot.  Apparently he didn't get the memo that two dawgs would be taking that route.  Silly rabbit.  If he values his life, he should probably try to find another direction to hop.  One day we're going to get lucky and Mommy won't be holding the leash as tightly as she has so far!

Sometimes, Dixie joins me at the back of the leash so she and I can whisper secrets to each other.  We also like to sniff out the same spots.  Any food that has fallen out of trash cans on garbage pick up day is always a good treat!

We hope you're having fun-filled adventures this summer too!

PS: Happy birthday to Cousin S.    May your next year be just as adventuresome as your first three!

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