Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Snack TIme

Just like humans, we dawgs LOVE to snack.  Any time someone's in the kitchen, we run to see what's going on.  Sometimes our efforts are rewarded with a snack of our own, but most of the time we're ignored.  [sigh]   I'm telling you if Mommy had to survive on two meals a day, she'd be as skinny as I am!

When we lived in Minnesota, I had a four-legged pal named Spippy who loved to snack on carrots.  He would do anything for a carrot.  At the time, I thought his love affair with carrots was strange.  I wanted nothing to do with fruits and veggies.  I guess old age has taught me a few things.  I need to take care of my health as much as I can.

I've begrudgingly developed a taste for carrots.  Maybe it's more of a tolerance for carrots.  Dixie and Jenna, like Spippy, love to snack on carrots.  In desperation to be included, I've had to give carrots a chance.  I eat the majority of the carrot, but not quite all of it.  (And we're talking mini, baby size carrots.)  I usually drop a few bites on the floor and my clean up crew takes care of my mess.

I'm embarrassed to admit that Mommy grabbed this picture before I realized what was going on.  I told her to delete it, but she never listens when it comes to blog material.  This picture is strange for two reasons: 1) How did I not notice the carrot?  2) How did Jenna not notice the carrot?

Shortly after the picture was taken, the carrot fell off and Jenna swooped in!  [sigh]  On the bright side, this close up shows that at age thirteen I still have very few gray hairs on my face compared to most dawgs my age.

Here's to snack time (and no pictures of me pigging out)!

PS: Happy birthday, Mommy!  Enjoy those gray hairs we've given you.  You know, the ones underneath all that dye!  And good luck trying to find a birthday treat for yourself with no eggs, soy, wheat, or dairy . . . you've developed quite a list of allergies in your old age!

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