Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Cleaning 3

Mommy is still going strong with her summer cleaning tasks.  She SERIOUSLY needed to touch up the Adirondack chairs.  My parents feel like this might be the last year for this particular set.  They have definitely gotten their money's worth; at only $25 each, the chairs are 8-10 years old!  It's only a matter of time before they start to rot!

Dixie and Mommy washed the mold and mildew off the chairs earlier.  Daddy "volunteered" to bring out his air sander and help smooth out the old peeling paint.  Once he was finished, Mommy started painting the chairs.  This time I got to help!  Daddy had placed the chairs in the front yard, and as she moved, I could see Mommy from inside.  It was driving me crazy not to be outside with her.  I barked and barked until Mommy finally came to get me.  At my age, it's not like I was going to run off very far!

Daddy found a rubber band ball in the garage and tossed it for me.  As luck would have it, the ball rolled ALL THE WAY down the driveway.  I retrieved it like the good dawg I am, but then settled nearby to help Mommy.  I was exhausted from chasing the ball!

I supervised while Mommy painted.  You'll notice Daddy put cardboard down on the grass to save it from the paint (unlike Mommy's process).  Of course, this was the front yard and not the back, so that may have made a difference to Mommy.  Maybe.

The chairs turned out great.  Well, great may be exaggerating a bit.  They aren't perfect, but I think my parents are going for the lived-in, slightly weathered, nautical look!  At least they aren't green and black anymore from sitting outside all year.

I think we're pretty much finished with the big items on the summer to-do list.  I'm sure if given enough time, Mommy can think of something new to add to the list!

For now,

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