Wednesday, July 1, 2015

T-I-M-B-E-R !!!!!

We told you Mommy deserted us in our hour of need last week.  While she was out of town, we had a MAJOR SCARY storm.  We were without power for about twenty-four hours and phones and internet for even longer!  It's ruff being without the internet; hopefully our public didn't suffer too much without us!

During the storm we lost part of a maple tree.  Daddy wonders if it was struck by lightning or if really strong winds took it down.  He's not sure because the storm hit while he was at work.  Poor Hunter.  He was really stressed out during the storm and didn't have the advantage of wearing his thunder shirt that day.

Because of the power outages, Daddy had to work extra long hours and didn't have time to cut up the tree before the yard people arrived a few days later.  They removed the huge section from the trunk in a way Daddy would NOT have: tugging, pulling, hopping, and stomping on it.  Literally!  That caused the broken section to pull more of the bark away than was needed.  I guess we can't complain since they saved Daddy some time.  He still has to cut it up for firewood.

In the mean time, I'll do my best to help him out!  I LOVE to chew on sticks, and this is a BIG ONE!

Once the yard men left, Mommy came out to begin the repair on the tree.  She sprayed it with a nasty, thick, black, gooey gunk so that bugs and other parasites can't get into the tree and do more damage.  I'm not sure what this black stuff is called, but I do know it doesn't taste good!

With the exception of getting a bit of that black stuff in my mouth and on my nose, I had such a good time chewing on the tree and playing in its branches.

Dixie doesn't seem to share my love for the taste of bark, but she definitely had fun exploring too!

Hopefully we won't have any more big storms blow our way.  If we do, we hope Mommy is home to hold our paws.   Or at worst, the storm produces BIG sticks for me to gnaw on!


PS: Happy birthday tomorrow to Cousin K, and happy birthday to Cousin A on Friday!

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