Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guess Who Came to Visit?

This past weekend we had some special visitors; Mimi and Grandaddy drove North to see us!  I personally think they came all this way to visit me, but Hunter says no, they wanted to see their son.  Maybe Hunter's right, but I am certain they were just as happy to see me. 

Mommy had to go back to work this past week, so she wasn't able to hang out at the house with our visitors.  Daddy was off all week.  He and Grandaddy went hunting early in the mornings and came home about mid-afternoon each day.  They had fun goose hunting.  If only I could have a bite of those birds.  Instead, I have to settle for scurrying about for loose feathers on the garage floor after Daddy cleans the birds.  Although I would rather sink my teeth into a bird, it's pretty fun sniffing and running around in the garage.  Mommy laughs at me when the feathers stick to the top of my nose!  I'm sure it's just because I look beautiful.

Mimi spent all day Friday with us by herself.  I thought she might keep us in our crates until Mommy or Daddy came home, but she decided to brave it and released us!  She said we were very well behaved all day, but I'm not sure if she really meant that.  I think I may have gotten on her nerves by ringing the bell too often to go outside.  There were a few times when I rang the bell and all three of us went to the door.  We desperately wanted Mimi to take us out to play.  Instead she looked at us and said, "I'm from the South y'all and it's too cold outside for me!"  At another point in the day, Mimi was a tiny bit panicked because she couldn't find Jenna.  Mimi walked around and around the house looking for her.  Jenna was relaxing in her crate (of her own free will) the whole time!  Poor Mimi.  I'm sure she was wondering how she was going to explain losing a dawg to Mommy.  Thankfully, we all survived our afternoon together.

Mimi and Grandaddy are now back home, and our lives are back to normal after the holidays.  That means work for the parents and tennis ball chasing for us!  I'm sure by now your new year is back to normal as well. 

Have a good year,
Dixie Doodle

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