Monday, December 11, 2017

Just Call Me Punkin!

As Mommy started putting up the Christmas decorations a couple weeks ago, she realized she had a LOT of pumpkins that were still in great condition.  They had no soft spots and she felt bad about just throwing them away.  She decided to carry them to the back porch and built a lovely little (out of season) display.  Mistake #1!

I naturally discovered those pumpkins and began to carry them around the yard.  Mommy should have disposed of those pumpkins right then and there!  Mistake #2!

Instead, she sent pics to our family to point out how cute I was!  When she saw me chewing on the pumpkins, she took more pictures.  You're really not surprised are you??  She should have thrown the pumpkins away . . . Mistake #3!  See a theme developing here??

She didn't throw the pumpkins away until later that night when she realized I'd been outside by myself for a looooooong time.  She discovered this:

The pumpkins finally went into the trash with Mommy fully expecting to be up all night with my stomach . . . Lucky for her, pumpkin is good for a dawg's stomach and I had no problems at all!  If you're thinking it was a miracle, you're right!

Mommy's Little Punkin,

(At least you can't call me chunkin punkin! Ha!)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Fire in the Hole!

When I first arrived on the scene, I didn't really take notice of the hole in the wall.  Jenna's crate was out in the middle of the den since she was convalescing and needed to be where she could keep up with all of us.  (Look at how tiny I was!!)

But a few weeks ago the temperature started to drop and Daddy moved that giant medallion screen to reveal the hole.  What in the world was he doing and why did we have a hole in the wall?  If you listened carefully you could even hear the wind blowing through it . . .

Daddy said the hole is really called the fireplace and it's a favorite feature in any house for him.  As soon as it gets the least bit chilly, he loves to build a fire.  He said I have to be careful and not get too close.  He also said that wooden leaf garland Mommy has hanging over the fireplace is a fire hazard, but I'm not totally sure of what he meant.

It only took Daddy a few minutes to build a roaring fire in the hole, I mean the fireplace.  I have it on good authority (from my sisters) that Mommy takes a LOT longer to successfully build a fire and it doesn't always stay lit!  This thing called fire is amazing!  It made all kinds of cool, crackly sounds and gave off heat that kept me warm.

Once it made a loud crashing sound and I had to jump across the room to save myself!  Mommy said it was just a log shifting, but I feared there might be something more sinister in there trying to grab me.

I finally became convinced that it was okay to enjoy my usual sleeping spot in front of the hole.  Drat!  It's going to take me a little while longer to call the hole by its proper name.

If you need me I'll be curled up sleeping in front of  the fireplace!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Falling All Around

Mommy doesn't feel like she sees a big difference between seasons where we live currently.  Her favorite season is fall.  She LOVES to see the leaves on the trees change.  We get a tiny bit of that here, but we don't have many trees to begin with so her chance to enjoy fall is limited.  Back in September Mommy noticed a field of tall but small sunflowers near the house.  She started developing an idea in the back of her mind . . . Daddy hoped she'd forget about it, but she didn't.  One afternoon, she indulged her idea of a fall photo session.  She put each of us in the car one at a time and drove to the nearby spot in three consecutive trips.  Each trip was unique just like us!

Although we're already moving into the Christmas season, it's technically still fall for a few more weeks!  Enjoy!




Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
to all our dear family and friends!   

We hope you have a wonderful day
counting your blessings.

Dixie, Jenna, Ruger
(and our parents too!)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Friends in Far Away Places

Do you follow us on Instagram?  If you do, then you might have noticed homerdog22 is usually one of the first to like our posts.  Meet Homer:

We've become good friends with Homer and his Mum who live all the way around the world in Australia!  Such good friends that Homer recently sent us a few gifts.  If Mommy had had her act together, she'd have taken a picture of everything that arrived all together.  But she didn't . . .

The first things that rolled out of the package were three Kong squeaky balls!  We were (and still are) in heaven!

That's Ruger running by in the background with a ball in his mouth.  Ruger LOVES squeaky toys and runs around like a madman whenever he has a new one!

We each take turns being the ball hog!

Ruger and Dixie had a bit of a scuffle over a ball that first day despite the other two being readily available!

Homer also sent each of us new collars with our names on them!  They are color coordinated for our personalities (you can see the colors above) and are super soft on the underside.  Along with each collar came a light that has the ability to flash for us to wear on our collars so we can be seen when we're out at night.

Here's Dixie showing off her new collar before Daddy put the light it.  Not sure what Ruger's doing here besides being his usual pesky self!

I look so serious here, but I'm trying to show you Ruger's beautiful blue collar. 

I got the blue light!  Mommy thought it matched my purple collar best.  You know purple is the color of royalty, right?  Just saying.

Dixie's light is yellow when it's off, but a little orangey when it's on.  It goes great with her pink collar.  Pink is such a sweet color and that's exactly what Dixie is . . . or so Mommy tells me!

And Ruger has the red light!  It matches his blue collar really well.  Plus, he can be Ruger the Red Nosed Reindeer with his light during the Christmas season.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our gifts all the way from the Land Down Under, or the Land of Oz as Homer calls it.

Here's Homer with our Halloween card (it took about two and a half weeks to travel that far!):

Thank you so much for all of our lovely gifts, Homer and Homer's Mum!  As we approach our American Thanksgiving, we're thankful for our new friends across the globe!

(and Dixie & Ruger too!)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Permanent Reminder . . .

An anniversary has come and gone recently, but I'm not sure if I should mark it or not.  Last year on October 8, I changed Mommy forever . . .

That was the day she tried to retrieve a chicken bone from my mouth that we came across while walking.  I accidentally bit and broke her finger!  You can read all about it here and here.   I'll admit it wasn't my finest moment.  (Or hers either if we're being honest!)

Mommy was hopeful her broken joint would return to its original size.  That's apparently not to be.  She says she has old lady joints in this finger now!  Here's what her finger looks like a year later:  (not bad from this angle)

But this angle shows a different picture (literally and figuratively).  Most of Mommy's fingers  (and I'm assuming yours too) can bend in two directions.  In this picture you can see how her pointer finger bends down.  You can also see her wonky old lady joint (or knuckle as the picture says) in this picture. 

But here you can see how her broken finger cannot bend in that concave direction any longer.  It probably never will.  [sigh]  That joint can be popped now when it's feeling tight.  It does bend in the opposite direction as far as it's supposed to, so that's a good thing!  Just trying to look on the bright side . . .

Another bright side to this story is that we both learned a valuable lesson.  Mommy learned (maybe?  hopefully?) not to come between me and food.  I learned to look beautiful when I'm guilty.

Another positive note?  Mommy says she'll never forget me!  As if there was any doubt previously?? Ha!

The Foodie

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Wrapping Up Halloween

I really enjoyed my first Halloween.  My costume lasted about five minutes . . . I figured out how to take it off all by myself!  I also tried to eat Dixie's butterfly wings.  Mommy wasn't really surprised.  My sisters told me she only buys/makes the costumes for the Halloween card.  Usually by the time the actual holiday rolls around, she's had enough of our costumes and just settles for our glow-in-the-dark bone bandannas.

I liked watching and waiting for the trick-or-treaters.  They liked me too . . . until Daddy had had enough excitement trying to wrangle all three of us from running out the door and put us in our crates.  Bummer!

After most of the trick-or-treating died down and we were released from our prison cells, I mean our crates, I discovered something new to me . . . WRAPPING PAPER!!!!

It's not MY fault Mommy had it hiding under the guest bed!  She's still not sure how I managed to drag it out from under the bed and get it through two doorways before they noticed. 

Mommy and I had to have a little heart to heart about this transgression.  I think she was secretly proud of me for choosing the appropriate color for the holiday.  You might wonder why we own orange wrapping paper.  If you look closely, you can see it has tree limbs in a camo pattern.  She uses this paper sometimes to wrap the gifts for the hunters in our lives. 

Just like my big brother Hunter and my sister Jenna, I LOVE to eat paper!  This new paper discovery is amazing since it comes in numerous colors!

Mommy finally had to move the wrapping paper to the closet after I managed to pull it out from under the bed twice. 

We ended the night with me sleeping on Mommy's chest.  It was a good night.  Mommy says I lived up to her tee shirt . . .

I'm not sure what that means, but no matter.  It was WICKED FUN!