Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Uh Oh Oreo!

I did it again!  I got in trouble.  That probably doesn't come as a surprise to some of you , but I really think it's all Mommy's fault this time.  She shouldn't leave things where she doesn't want me to touch them, right?

A few weeks ago, Daddy had carpal tunnel surgery on one of his hands.  Mimi and Grandaddy had a care package delivered that contained all sorts of snack foods.  Mommy and Daddy have both been taking their time making their way through the basket.  Mommy discovered a package of six Oreos at the bottom and decided to make them hers.  She said she didn't feel the need to pig out and eat them all at once, so she was pacing herself.  I personally think that was her first mistake.  If she had just eaten them all, then they wouldn't have been tempting for me, right?

On Saturday, Mommy was preparing a roast to go in the crock pot for dinner and doing laundry all at the same time.  She apparently decided it was a good time to have one of those Oreos.  She popped one in her mouth and laid one on the cutting board she had out.  Then she went to the laundry room leaving that delicious-looking cookie just sitting there, way up on the counter.  This was mistake number two, don't you think?  Leaving a cookie all alone by itself can't be a good thing, right?

When she returned, I don't think she noticed the cookie missing at first.  I think she may have even forgotten she had one laid out, except that it was an OREO!  Do you know how chewy those cookies are?  They make so many crumbs that go everywhere.  I was trying to sit there as if nothing was amiss when she noticed me still smacking my jaws . . . and smacking . . . and smacking!  I'm sure I sounded like I had eaten all six cookies instead of a measly one.  Dixie didn't help the situation because she was sniffing all around me looking for some of those crumbs!  Mommy's eyes narrowed at me, she raised those evil eyebrows like she does to her students, and her glance went straight to the countertop.  Drat!  Caught again! 

I'm surprised Mommy didn't make me open my mouth to check for evidence.  Those cookies are notorious for leaving black crumbs in every nook and cranny of your mouth.  She says she thought about it!  I still say this predicament I found myself in was all Mommy's fault.  I guess it doesn't matter at this point.  What's done is done.  That cookie was wonderful. The only thing missing was a glass of cold milk! 

Yummy in my tummy,

PS:  Daddy says to tell you that I don't even make an attempt to steal his food.  I know better.  I'd be a dead dawg if I did.  He also says if Mommy had remembered that it was HIS care package, this would never have happened!  Thanks, Mommy.  I knew you were a rule breaker too!

PPS: Happy birthday, Grandaddy!  I bet no one will deny you Oreos today!  Lucky man!


  1. Jenna,
    I totally think you should blame the Oreo caper on your mommy. I too recently had a forbidden snack. My mommy was opening a pack of M&M's that she had left over from Halloween and one fell on the floor. I gobbled it up FAST! It was so good! I don't ever get chocolate treats so this was great. I know you are thinking that 1 small little M&M is not much but because I'm such a little guy, it's kinda like you getting a whole Oreo. Yummy in my tummy!! Mommy and I didn't tell Daddy that I got a piece of chocolate. He would have probably fussed about it. Can we put our Daddy's on a leash and leave them outside? Let me know if you figure that one out.
    Hope you have lots more unattended treats in your future!
    Your canine cousin,

  2. Thanks for understanding Barkley. (And for posting a message . . . people just aren't getting the hang of this on our blog.) I personally scout out treats on the counter all the time. Since the Oreo incident, Mommy has been keeping a closer eye on me, so I haven't gotten lucky again. Bummer! About putting Daddy on a leash . . . that sounds like quite a plan, but we need to cross our paws Daddy doesn't read this any time soon. He waits for weeks to catch up on all of our online adventures. I think he reads them sometimes late at night when he is really bored or stressed about work! Maybe I can stuff him for short periods of time n my crate instead??



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