Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Cleaning 2

After Mommy and Dixie washed the deck furniture, Mommy had to paint it.  She started with the wrought iron pieces and carried them to a part of the yard she doesn't look at very much.  That way, when she painted the grass it wouldn't bother her as much.  She tries not to let the paint on the grass get to her too much; she knows it will be all gone when the grass is cut next week.

Right after she finished plopping the chairs down, Hunter took up residence in the middle.  Mommy brought one of the outdoor dawg beds from the deck to the area where she was working, but Hunter ignored it.

You have to wonder if Mommy was trying to turn Hunter into a black lab.  After all, she has two fantastic black labs already.  Well, I'm fantastic.  Dixie is fantastic by association; she has ME for a sister!  Hunter says the answer to my curiosity is NO since Mommy loves chocolate almost as much as she loves him.

Dixie ran around like a crazy dawg most of the time.  She wanted Mommy to take frequent breaks from painting to throw the ball for her.  When she wasn't trying to play, she took her breaks under the weigela.

Hunter eventually migrated to the shade (still ignoring that comfy dawg bed).

Where was I you ask?  I hung out in the shade of the maple tree the whole time.  I was out of the sun and out of the way!  Because I'm smart one!

We're off to find more to clean . . .

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