Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fattening Up for the Winter?

As many of you know, Dixie really packed on the pounds last winter.  We didn't really notice until March when we brought her sister Jenna (the Supermodel) home to live with us.  Boy, was there a difference between the two!  Dixie had gained quite a little belly during the winter months.  With the noticeable difference staring Mommy in the face, Dixie's life began to change. 

DBJ (Dixie Before Jenna)

Dixie had been exercising the whole time we had her because she LOVES to retrieve tennis balls, but she had also been eating too much.  Mommy cut back on Dixie's daily amount of food at mealtime and on her treats.  [sigh]  Mommy cut back on mine too.  The result was that we both lost pounds.  I lost so much the doctor finally told Mommy I was thin enough.  Mommy only wishes she could hear the doctor say that about her!  Ha!  Fat chance!  Sorry, Mommy, but pun intended.  Dixie lost weight too, but I don't think she'll ever be quite as skinny as Jenna.  The strange thing is that Jenna is much more food oriented than Dixie.  Jenna stalks the goings on in the kitchen with a vengeance. 

Dixie still likes to retrieve balls, but not as much when Jenna is outside with her.  Jenna also LOVES to retrieve.  Jenna drops the ball without the need of a command and easily allows Mommy to throw it again.  Dixie carries two around in her mouth at all times when Jenna is nearby and will NOT drop them!  Why can't Dixie understand that Jenna has her own and isn't interested in Dixie's??  I think the real difference is that Jenna loves the action of retrieving and Dixie loves the actual tennis balls.  

As a result of Dixie's stubbornness, I fear Dixie may pack the pounds on again this winter.  Dixie sometimes runs along beside Jenna with two tennis balls in her mouth as Jenna runs to fetch her ball.  And if Jenna didn't spot the throw, Dixie will run in the direction of the ball (with two in her mouth) to show Jenna where to look!  But there are other times when Dixie just stands beside Mommy and watches as Jenna retrieves.  Dixie is so fearful her tennis balls are going to disappear.  I hate to tell Dixie, but standing in place and WATCHING as your sister run around will NOT improve your waistline!  She would probably tell me the same thing, but I have old age as an excuse.  

Dixie's current slim and trim waist   .  .  .

Now if only I could throw the ball and watch Mommy run after it . . . hmmmm.  Perhaps I should mention that idea to Daddy!

Woof!  Woof!

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