Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Cleaning

Mommy does most of her BIG cleaning in the summer before our visitors start arriving.  This year she decided to enlist a higher power to help her.  She thought the perfect time to wash off the deck furniture was when it was raining.  That way, she could save herself the extra step of rinsing!  She's so smart, that Mommy of mine!

I guess "raining" sounds like harsh weather.  It was technically a steady sprinkle.  Mommy planned to leave the three of us inside in the hopes of avoiding that aromatic wet dawg smell, but we weren't having it!  Hunter came outside and promptly took up his place on one of the outdoor beds.

You have to understand the cleaning process around here.  Mommy CAN'T STAND the smell of bleach.  Daddy says it's the smell of clean, but Mommy thinks it's right up there with the smell of puke.  She favors vinegar instead for extreme cleaning purposes.  On the other paw, Daddy CAN'T STAND the smell of vinegar.  (Proof opposites attract.)  Mommy usually cleans with vinegar when Daddy isn't here and prays it airs out before his arrival.

While cleaning the deck furniture, Dixie proved she is indeed Mommy's girl.  Mommy mixed up a vinegar solution to help wipe down the deck furniture and Dixie loved it.  She thought it was a large water bowl just for her!  Ugh!!  My sister is one nasty girl sometimes.

The rain tapered off and Mommy had to pull out the hose in order to finish washing down the furniture.  Dixie really enjoyed drinking from the hose!

I did too!

If you need any help with your summer cleaning, just call us!  You provide the hose; we'll provide the fun!

PS: Happy 45th anniversary to Mimi and Grandaddy!  That's a whole lotta dawg years together.  Does it feel like 315 years or just a mere 45???

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