Saturday, September 30, 2017

Four Month Vet Trip

FINALLY!!!  I've made it to the four month mark.  This is super important in my life as a puppy.  I've now had all of my shots and can go out in public.  Since parvo runs rampant in our city and can be fatal to puppies if not caught early, our vet advised against taking me anywhere but to the vet.  I was super excited for this visit to see my favorite doctor (and it turns out he's the dad of one of Mommy's students!).

I had a room with a view this time at the vet.  The windows have really cool glass that allow me to look out, but no one can see in!  I enjoyed watching the other dawgs come and go.  I tried to be polite and talk to them, but Mommy said they couldn't hear me.  So I tried to talk louder!

Just like Mommy does with my sisters, she tortured me with the camera phone for a while.
I had the feeling I was being watched . . . 

My vet tech had cowboy boots on, so I could easily hear him as he came and went.  

When I'm a good boy (which is always), I'm rewarded by the vet with a bit of canned spray cheese.  He forgot to put the lid back on and I could smell it up on the examining table after he left the room.  I wanted more sooooo badly, but Mommy said I'd had enough!  [sigh]

Two good things came from this visit to the vet (three if you count the spray cheese): I don't have to have any more shots any time soon and I can now go anywhere I want since I've had all my vaccinations!  Yippee!

Free to roam,

Monday, September 25, 2017

Trip to the Vet . . . Again!

Do you remember a couple months ago Jenna had to go to the vet because Ruger was driving her nuts and she was stuck in her crate?  Well . . . it was my turn recently.  He successfully stressed me out to the point that I too had colitis!  Mommy had experience with this now, so she pretty much told the doctor what I had and he wisely agreed!  A few days, several dollars, and meds later I was feeling just fine.

But that can't be the end of this story, right?  What fun would that be?  Mommy usually passes the time waiting on the vet to see me by torturing me with the camera phone!  I wonder if mommies of humans do this while their children are waiting on the doctor???

Mommy also rubs my hiney.  I love that!

A few scratches behind the ear help me feel better too!

Is that the vet I hear??

Of course he's talking about what a beautiful girl I am!

I'm all better now, but that Booger, I mean Ruger, is still driving me NUTS!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wild Man

Mommy has started calling me other names besides Ruger.  She frequently calls me Booger.  She also calls me Wild Man.  I'm not really sure why . . .

I love to play with my sisters.  We get along pretty well most days.

But sometimes they purposefully leave me out.  They tell secrets and don't share them with me. 

I have the feeling they're plotting a way to leave me behind like they do when they jump on the bed and leave me on the floor.

There are a few times (okay, maybe daily) that I pretend I'm a cowboy riding a horse.  I just have to hold on to Dixie for eight seconds and I'll be the champion of the rodeo!

I know not to do this to Jenna . . . I can only get by with licking her ears!

But Dixie and I have FUN!!!!  We're wrestling buddies!

So just call me Wild Man!

Sunday, September 17, 2017


I've been footloose and fancy free of my crate and other restrictions for over a month now.  Mommy says my leg still worries her from time to time.  She doesn't remember Hunter ever getting stiff after his recovery period was over, but then he was half my age when he had his surgeries!

One of the first things Mommy treated me to was a walk and a swim.  She said later that she probably should have held off on the swim until later, but I enjoyed it at the time!

This was the calm before the storm arrived . . . meaning me and Dixie!

We aren't sure what we rolled in and enjoyed to the fullest, but it certainly did have quite the aroma!  (We had to have a bath when we got home!)

And whatever it was made Dixie's collar seriously dirty!

Dixie and I had so much fun playing in the water.  Usually I'm the one who listens to Mommy best, but I was having such fun being out of jail that I pretended not to hear Mommy call for me!

Free at last!  Free at last!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fly Away, Fly Away, If You Can . . .

I recently found something new!  I caught a dragonfly!  It was sooooo much fun to chase around.  Mommy discovered my antics too late to save the poor dragonfly.  Those are her words, not mine.  That poor dragonfly should have known better than to keep flying near my jaws and paws, don't you think?

After I finally got my jaws on the dragonfly, I took it to my outdoor bed.  Mommy tried to rescue it before this, but she wasn't successful. Have you ever tried to chase a puppy?  I can't say the insect wasn't harmed during the process of taking these pictures, but I can tell you it was already out of its misery by now!

Mommy thought I was going to eat it, but every time I tried, the crunch seemed to turn me off.  Mommy finally took it away from me and gave it a proper burial.  (I think I saw her toss it over the fence!)

Until the next flying creature comes my way!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Paper Please

Did you know statistics say 3 out of 4 dawgs eat paper?  Well, that's the way it is in our family!  Our big brother Hunter LOVED to eat paper.  He didn't care what kind it was.  He ate toilet paper, Kleenex, cardboard, and was even known to snack on papers Mommy had to grade!  (Gives new meaning to the dawg ate my homework excuse!)

When I joined the family, I took note of Hunter's habits and decided to follow in my big brother's footsteps.  I LOVE to eat paper as well.  I follow my parents to the bathroom and come running when I hear a nose being blown!  You may be grossed out by that, but surely there are nutrients in there in addition to the fiber!

So that's two dawgs . . . any guesses who makes the third dawgs in our statistic??  RUGER!  I'm raising him right!  He LOVES paper too!

We keep the bathroom doors closed most of the time just to keep an eye on Ruger so he can't wander away and potty inside (although he hasn't had an accident in a while!).  And because THIS happens when we don't close those doors!

Finally Mommy wised up and removed the toilet paper from the wall holder . . . wonder when it will be put back??  Of course the trash cans in the bathrooms sit on the back of the toilet and have been since way before Ruger joined us . . . just saying . . .

Maybe one day Ruger will learn some self control like me.  I'm able to hold myself back most of the time.  I only steal toilet paper when one of my parents is in the bathroom.  Otherwise the old adage "out of sight, out of mind" holds true!

I'll let you know if I think of any other tricks I need to teach my little brother.  Until then, is your dawg part of the seventy-five percent that eats paper or like Dixie, one of the twenty-five percent that does not?