Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Digger aka Ruger

Recently I told you I was now being called Digger . . . here's why!  Mommy discovered me looking like this and had to investigate.   It took her a few minutes to figure out where the dirt had come from. I personally think the brown dirt is the perfect accessory to my fur coat, but the humans in the house seem to disagree.  

I've had so much fun in the far corner of the yard!  

I'm hoping I will soon dig my way to Australia (gotta see my pal Homer), but Mommy says I have a ways to go.  Give me time alone Mommy and I'll show you how quickly I can manage it!

See that orange stuff?  That's cayenne pepper Mommy buys in bulk to help prevent the spread of holes in the yard.  It works like a charm too.  One whiff and I'm outta there!  Unfortunately for Mommy (but fortunately for me), it washes away with rain.  Mommy says it's a good thing we don't live in a location that receives a lot of rain!

I'm coming for you, Homer!  Maybe we can meet in the middle . . .

PS: This hole is NOT to be confused with the muddy hole mentioned in the last post!  Same dawg, different hole!

PPS: Homer, there's an island in the Pacific call Kiribati Island that looks to be about midway and right along the equator!  There's a hotel there, but I think from the looks of it, that term is being used very loosely!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Uh Oh . . . [Muddy Dawg]

We interrupt Mommy grading papers to bring you  . . . a MUDDY DAWG!!!  A few weeks ago Mommy got pretty mad at me.  She was busy getting ready for the upcoming week when she happened to look up and see that Dixie had something all over her back.  When she tried to wipe Dixie off, she learned it was dried red mud!  Mommy knew the mud wasn't Dixie's fault!  It was MINE, ALL MINE!

I'd been out digging in mud created from water near the outdoor faucet and I had FUN!!!!!!!!  I have an Instagram pal in Australia named Homer that I'm dying to meet in person (in dawg?).  Mommy says apparently I'm DIGGING to see him.  When Mommy was growing up, she always heard it said someone was digging his way to China whenever a large hole was being created.  I say, "Forget China!  I'm headed Down Under!"  She's recently started calling me Digger.

Once Mommy realized I was the reason Dixie was muddy, she began to look around.  I had serious mud all over me and all over the house!  I think smoke started spewing out of her ears, I really do!  (I'm not sure how she missed this earlier since she's the one who opened the door for me.)  She grabbed me up and took me to the bathtub.  The other times I've had a bath have been in the shower (that has a door) with Mommy.  She didn't have time to take a shower herself on Sunday night, so she took me to the tub.  She should have stopped and grabbed the usual bath supplies, but that smoke coming out of her ears was clouding her judgment.  Once I was in the tub and wet she realized she didn't have dawggie shampoo or towels or any good way of rinsing me off except to resort to splashing me!  (That'll teach her to be mad at me!)

I was eager to show her I could jump out of the tub!  She had to hold onto me with one hand and try to stretch her short body across the bathroom to grab some sort of soap and towels.  Good thing we'd been working on my commands earlier because I still had my choke collar on.  She says it came in handy.  No worries, I was not harmed during this bath, but I was held onto firmly!

At the completion of the bath I had mud all over Mommy and the tub!  It took several rinses for all the mud to leave the tub.

But how can anyone stay mad at a cute face like this??

Mommy figured out how to stay mad . . . not only did she have to clean me and the tub, but then she had to clean a few spots on the carpet and mop the kitchen floor.  It was quite dirty!  I would venture to ask how dirty that kitchen floor was BEFORE I added mud to it, but that might add fuel to the fire already streaming out of Mommy's ears!

Thankfully, she fhas forgiven me and has vowed to be more observant when I come and go into the house!  After all, if she'd taken notice we could have avoided this whole incident!

Love from the Bad Boy of the house!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

My First Swim

Last month when Mommy had a day off she decided to take me for my first swim.  We left my sisters at home.  Mommy said there was no way she'd be able to take care of all three of us at the lake.  In hindsight, it probably would have helped to take one of them so they could have shown me what to do.  Maybe next time.

When we first arrived there was another dawg playing fetch in the lake.  I thought it was great fun to chase the other dawg even though Mommy wouldn't trust me enough to let me off the leash.

However, when that dawg left, I wasn't sure exactly what I was supposed to do in the water.  That's when Dixie or Jenna would have come in handy.  They could have taught me the dawggy paddle in no time.  Instead I just sat on the banks of the lake and walked in the edge of the water trying to ignore Mommy and the camera.

Hopefully at least one of my sisters will go with me next time!
Ruger, The [not yet] Water Dawg

PS: It's been a year today since Jenna and Mommy had The Unfortunate Incident!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Other Side of the Fence

All summer long I've enjoyed playing in our backyard, but there's been one thing bothering me . . . what's on The Other Side of the Fence????

I've been super curious.  Mommy has watched me from indoors as I've sat and pondered this question.  My sisters tell me I would've LOVED the previous yard where they lived.  It was HUGE and even better, the fence was see through!

Now that I've reached the four month mark and had all my vaccinations, I can go and discover a while new world!  Here I am about to take my first leash walk outside the fence:

There are soooo many things to see out here!

Did you know there are other dawgs behind other fences?  I didn't know that . . . 

 There's also one or two (or a million) new smells out here!

Mommy says I was pretty well behaved for my first time out on the leash.  She's going to order something called a harness because she says I might choke myself to death if I'm not careful.  I'm not really sure what that means . . .

I got to help water the plants in the front yard when we returned from our walk.
I watered myself too!

I really enjoyed The Other Side of the Fence.  I'm not as sure about the leash.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Four Month Vet Trip

FINALLY!!!  I've made it to the four month mark.  This is super important in my life as a puppy.  I've now had all of my shots and can go out in public.  Since parvo runs rampant in our city and can be fatal to puppies if not caught early, our vet advised against taking me anywhere but to the vet.  I was super excited for this visit to see my favorite doctor (and it turns out he's the dad of one of Mommy's students!).

I had a room with a view this time at the vet.  The windows have really cool glass that allow me to look out, but no one can see in!  I enjoyed watching the other dawgs come and go.  I tried to be polite and talk to them, but Mommy said they couldn't hear me.  So I tried to talk louder!

Just like Mommy does with my sisters, she tortured me with the camera phone for a while.
I had the feeling I was being watched . . . 

My vet tech had cowboy boots on, so I could easily hear him as he came and went.  

When I'm a good boy (which is always), I'm rewarded by the vet with a bit of canned spray cheese.  He forgot to put the lid back on and I could smell it up on the examining table after he left the room.  I wanted more sooooo badly, but Mommy said I'd had enough!  [sigh]

Two good things came from this visit to the vet (three if you count the spray cheese): I don't have to have any more shots any time soon and I can now go anywhere I want since I've had all my vaccinations!  Yippee!

Free to roam,