Saturday, January 30, 2016

Steppin' Up

Our brother Hunter used to enjoy relaxing on the stairway landing.  He frequently settled himself there for a nap.  I think it gave him a vantage point so he could keep up with the comings and goings of everyone both upstairs and downstairs.

In the past few months, Jenna has officially decided this is now HER space!  She likes to  position herself there fairly often.  Mommy tries to grab a picture of Jenna when she can (usually with her cell phone and they don't always turn out that great!).

When we receive a special treat to eat, Jenna usually takes hers up to the landing to enjoy.  She acts as if she's afraid I would steal it.  Would I be dumb enough to put myself between the Jaws of Life and her treat??  Not on your life (nor especially mine)!

Every once in a while when she's not looking, I take a moment to enjoy this spot too. This picture is proof that I'm the Little Lady around here!  (Too bad it's so grainy!)

I'm sure Jenna will continue to enjoy that spot, but she certainly has big paws to fill!

PS: Mommy and Daddy had their first date TWENTY years ago today!  WOW!!!  That's almost half their lives!  Another WOW!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Day TWO!

We're enjoying a second snow day at home!  Whoo hoo!  We're having a good time, but Mommy says she's starting to get Cabin Fever.  I'm not sure what that is, but I sure hope I don't catch it too.

Our street hasn't been plowed that much.  I think only a car and half can move up and down.  I'm not sure about you, but I haven't seen any half cars around these parts. I can't believe the mailman has actually delivered mail for the past two days.  That whole saying about snow, rain, heat, gloom of night, etc. keeping the couriers from their route is a bunch of bologna.  If the snow is too high, the mail won't come!  Kudos to our mail carrier for accomplishing what others haven't before!

Mommy attempted to make a snow angel yesterday.  It turned out, well, a little different than expected.  That hole in the middle is where Mommy had to put her hand down to hoist herself out of the snow.  Either that or it's a poop chute!  Angels are "holy" but I'm not sure if they need a poop chute or not.  Do you know?

She tried again today.  The results were the same, but she filled the hole in before snapping a picture today.  For all those people (Daddy and Uncle J) who say Mommy has a big head, please take note that her angel has a rather small head!  No need to talk about its hips!

In all of my running around to retrieve the Frisbee, I made an angel too!  Can you see it?

Yesterday afternoon, Mommy tried to use the selfie stick on a tripod Daddy bought her for Christmas (he's just feeding the monster).  The results are mixed.  My shot with Mommy is pretty decent.

Dixie's shot is about the same as yesterday's!  Tennis balls are required, but still don't accomplish the job.

Here's the best she could manage with the three of us:

This morning Mommy tried to capture a shot of both of us being calm and looking at the camera at the same time.  Why does she torture us and herself this way?   She gave up on us sitting beside each other.  Instead she had us line up in our "path" and hoped for the best.  It's hard for her to see what's going on behind the lens with all that bright snow outside.  Results weren't that great:

And then this happened:

What can I say?  I was tired of watching Mommy just HOLD that TREAT!!!!  It was yummy!

I'm signing off for today.  Mommy said she's going to head out to try to banish her Cabin Fever.  I'm going to rest up for another play session this afternoon.

Dare I hope for a third snow day?

Monday, January 25, 2016


We're having a SNOW DAY with Mommy!!!!  YES!  YES!  YES!  You know how she loves snow days!  Snowstorm Jonas whipped through here Friday night and ALL day Saturday and brought us TWENTY inches of the white fluffy stuff.  That's a whole lotta snow at once! We aren't going to write too much, but we'd like to share a few (actually a LOT) of our favorite pics from our latest frozen adventure.  Enjoy!

What is this you may ask?  A weird shaped tennis ball?  No, this is a first for Mommy . . . it's a pee ball!  Yes, you read that correctly.  We went outside to potty and then later the high winds took away the snow around the spot leaving this behind!  Mommy said she hasn't seen this even in Minnesota, and she saw Hunter's poop fly through the air when the snow blower hit it!

Probably breaking the flag code, but still beautiful.

Jenna was all about the Frisbee, and Dixie was all about the tennis ball (as usual)!

Mommy was all about trying to capture the perfect selfie with us . . . to no avail!

Jenna tried, but no one can do the selfie like Hunter could.

Dixie didn't exactly "try."

Mommy tried to entice Dixie with a tennis ball . . . 

Dixie spent a LOT of time looking for tennis balls in the snow!

One of the best looks of the day!

Let's get SNOW FACED!

See!  I TOLD you there was a ball under there!

Better selfies on day two with Jenna . . . she definitely puts forth more effort than Dixie!

Jenna ran ALL THE WAY to the street in DEEP snow to greet the neighbors walking.  They cheered her on the whole way.  She was exhausted when she got back!

Help is on the way . . . no, not Mommy . . . can you spot it???

A good Samaritan helped with the driveway.  Look out Mommy.  Daddy is going to want one of these for Christmas.  Good thing you have about a year to save up!

Do we have to go inside?  Can't we stay outside and play?


Snow much fun, but snow exhausting!

Dixie and Jenna

Sunday, January 24, 2016

TP Trouble

A couple years ago, Hunter blogged about Jenna's obsession with toilet paper.  That obsession has not gone away or lessened even a tiny bit in the past two years.  Jenna still LOVES eating the TP!  It's not unusual for the roll of paper in the master bath to look like this:

Recently, the roll looked like this after Jenna had been quite successful at the Grab and Go before being discovered:

Oddly enough, Jenna never attempts to snatch the paper from the extra rolls in that basket nearby! Nor does she take or eat the paper when she's left free to roam the house.  This passion for paper mostly takes place in the mornings when Mommy is preparing herself for work. Mommy tried to roll the paper back up in hopes Daddy wouldn't notice the trouble his girl had gotten into.  (As if he could have slept through Mommy's fussing).

Maybe one day my sister will learn to leave the paper alone . . .

Either leave it or grab some for me too, please!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Feeling Blue?

All of the Christmas decorations have been put away for a while now, but Mommy still has her winter decorations out.  She's hoping against hope this winter brings a few snow days her way!  Daddy usually doesn't care what decorations Mommy puts up around the house, but he just about had a fit when he saw Flop Ear recently.

Flop Ear is approaching his ten year anniversary on our wall (much to Mommy's dismay and probably his too), but it's only recently that Mommy decided to embrace his presence.  She decorated him with a red scarf for the first time at Christmas last year and again this year.  Once January came last year, Flop Ear sported a tan plaid scarf.  Mommy decided to go with a more winter-like color this year:

I think we can all agree that when we think of winter and snowflakes and snowmen and icicles, we think of this beautiful light blue, right???  A certain human in our house calls this color Carolina Blue.  Another calls it UGLY!

Mommy told Daddy she can't help it college basketball season coincides with winter.  She also can't help it that her choice of colleges dons this particular shade of blue and it's en vogue at this time of year.  We wouldn't want Flop Ear to be unfashionable, would we?

Go Tarheels!