Saturday, July 4, 2015

Our Country's Future is in the Paws of . . .


As our country turns 239 years old (that's 1,673 in dawg years!!!), I thought it would be good to think about where we've come from and reflect on where we as a country are headed.  For a conservative family like ours, this can be a scary thought . . .

When you envision our country's future, what do you think of?  I'm betting you don't think of my sister Jenna!  Mommy and Daddy have decided Jenna definitely has a future as a government employee.  (I don't think they say this with pleasure, either!)  There are several departments in which she could easily be a good fit:

FAA: Food A-holics Anonymous

FCC: Food Control Council

DEA: Dead Edible Animals

NCIS: No Chance I'm Sharing

ATF: All The Food

What do all of these deapartments have in common?  You may previously have thought these government agencies had to do with aviation, communication, drugs, alcohol, tobacco,
or firearms, but you would be wrong!  Instead, they all deal with JENNA and her obsession with food!

So sit back America and hold onto your food!  We could be in for a bumpy road (possibly Rocky Road??) if Jenna's in charge!

Happy Fourth of July!
Dixie Doodle

The flag is about the only thing Jenna doesn't eat!  God bless America and God bless our troops!

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