Friday, July 10, 2015

Still Cuckoo for Cocoa

Our dear sweet canine cousin Cocoa has passed on to Glory.  She was sixteen years old and lived a great life.  We aren't sure about her first few years on earth, but she had a terrific life after being adopted by Grandma and Poppa.  Cocoa was Poppa's buddy and went everywhere he went, even to work some days (such a lucky dawg)!  Cocoa was truly one of the sweetest dawgs around, present company included!  She rarely raised her voice at anyone, loved to snuggle up to you, and had a passion for chasing tennis balls in her younger days.  Her only real drawback was her snoring . . . that girl could saw logs and keep the whole house awake!

Cocoa and I had a love-hate relationship at first.  I traveled to my grandparents' house with Mommy several times to visit my canine cousin.  Sometimes Cocoa and I got along great and other times we barely tolerated each other.  I was one of the few Cocoa raised her voice to; she liked to bark at me whenever I passed by, even if I was ten feet away!  Over the years, we became used to each other and times spent together became more pleasant.

The first time Cocoa met Dixie was quite a memorable experience.  Cocoa turned into Cujo and went after tiny little puppy Dixie with a vengeance.  It only lasted a few minutes, but it put Dixie in her place (in her own home).

One of the oddest things about Cocoa is that she hated her crate with a passion.  Poppa passed Cocoa's crate on to us when Dixie joined the family.  That same crate travels with Dixie when she visits our grandparents.  Apparently once the crate belonged to another dawg, Cocoa decided she liked it!  You could hardly budge her out of there to put Dixie in!

Cocoa - Christmas 2014

 Cocoa - Easter 2015

Cocoa will be greatly missed by the entire family.  We'll always be cuckoo for Cocoa!

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