Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

We hope you have a day full of fun, excitement, and CANDY!  We hope we have that kind of day too!  For some reason, I think we'll only have two out of the three . . .

Mommy said she wasn't going to buy us new costumes again this year, but she apparently changed her mind.  Well, not exactly.  She MADE our costumes this year for less than $10 total for all three!  She said once inspiration struck, she just couldn't help herself.  It's not really an original idea, but it definitely seemed to fit!
The Dawg in the Hat!
A much better idea than some old cat, don't you think?
I hope you enjoy this one and only shot of me.  Jenna proceeded to eat my costume once my photo session was over!  Of course, once I realized it was paper and therefore edible, I helped her out!
Thing 1
Dixie can't go anywhere without those darn tennis balls!
 Thing 2
 (Jenna receives this title simply by virtue of the fact that she was adopted last!)
May you have more treats than tricks today!
Hunter (and the Things!)


  1. Hope you have a happy howl-o-ween! Maybe your mom will give in and let you have a piece of candy. Be good and try to not to scare the little kids that come begging for candy :)
    Aunt Holly

  2. Oh, always amazed at the cute costumes!

    1. Thank you, Aunt Linda! We aim to please! : )


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