Tuesday, January 20, 2015

State of the Union

Tonight many people will tune in (and probably many more won't) to watch the president deliver his State of the Union address.  I thought this might be a good time to let you know how the Sister Union is getting along here in our household.

It is amazing to think that just three short years ago we were only a two dawg house and then my parents got the crazy idea that we should become a three dawg house!  I'm still not sure what they were thinking, but on most days it's been a pretty good decision.  I also think that as I grow older and slower, it's a good thing we have Jenna around to play with Dixie.  If it was just me and Dixie, I might have had to sit on Dixie by now.  Both girls are full of energy and I'm not.  They keep each other entertained and allow me to work on my beauty sleep.

Dixie used to be our Wild Child until we brought Jenna into the mix.  Now Dixie is our Worry Wort.  She needs to be careful or she's going to develop a few wrinkles on her face between her eyes from all of her worrying.  Dixie's wildness has taken a back seat to all of the energy Jenna exerts.  That being said, they are both very well behaved for the most part.

Jenna is definitely the more dominant of the two sisters unless a tennis ball is involved at which point Dixie wins paws down every time.  I thought Jenna would've been a bit more reserved or humble when she joined our gang since she was new, but nope, not our Jenna!  She takes over and lets you know she's the boss.

An outside observer would notice this hierarchy if they spent any time with us in the evenings.  Our love seat is dying a slow death due to those two dawgs.  (Just because I too was allowed to lie on it for eight years as an only child doesn't count, I'm sure.)  They love to hop up on the love seat and each take an end.  Throw pillows mean nothing.  Sometimes those pillows are added cushions for the girls and sometimes they're just in the way and hit the floor!  And then there are other times when Dixie is the cushion . . .

Just how many creatures can fit on this love seat?  Mommy took these pictures from her seat at the other end!  She and Dixie were relaxing and minding their own business when Jenna decided she wanted to join in the fun.  And that was that!  Jenna just makes herself at home no matter where she is.

So the State of the Sister Union is that the bond between my sisters is quite strong.  They each have their quirks, but they live together peacefully . . . most of the time!


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