Sunday, January 27, 2013


Right now, as I type this blog, Mommy's car is being held hostage in the garage!  The giant spring on the garage door broke yesterday and the door will not open.  Not even the emergency release does the trick.  Mommy is waiting on the garage door people to come fix it today.  Did you know they have an emergency after-hours number?  Neither did we until yesterday.  I wonder how many people have to use it?  Daddy wonders how much they'll charge for a Sunday visit, but he realizes he really has no other choice (unless he wants to be Mommy's chauffeur to work Monday morning).

We were all in the house last night when we heard an awful racket.  Daddy tried to run outside to see what was going on, but the garage door wouldn't go up.  This wasn't that surprising.  Lately, the door has had trouble going up all the way.  Mommy would hit the button and it would go up about two feet and stop.  We thought this was due to the cold weather because that's when we noticed it happening the most (it's been about ten degrees at night this past week).  We just assumed something in the metal was contracting or expanding and preventing it from rising fully.  I guess it's been trying to tell us for a while it was about to break. 

Apparently that loud noise was the door!  Once my parents realized something was really wrong with the door, they began looking for the problem.  They discovered it had a FEW problems, not the least of which is the door decided to hold Mommy's car for ransom.  Wonder if the ransom pick up guy prefers a check or Visa?  Daddy tried all sorts of things to open the door and free the hostage, but to no avail.  He even has a giant jack he tried to lift the door with, but it still didn't work.  Apparently the door is super heavy.  I think there must be kryptonite hiding in the garage somewhere; my Super Daddy can normally do anything!
The broken spring above the door!

In the meantime, Daddy told Mommy this situation was all HER fault!  She just HAD to park in the garage!  Mommy told Daddy it's HIS fault for cleaning out the garage.  You have to understand that Daddy has LOTS of toys and tools he likes to keep in the garage.  For several years in a row, Poppa would help Daddy clean out the garage when he and Grandma were visiting so Mommy could park in there.  It would be clean for a while and then Daddy would have some sort of project to work on and Mommy would have to park outside again.  Mommy finally gave up parking in there a few years back.  (Hunter filled me in on the long, sordid history of the garage since this was all before my time.)

Daddy decided to surprise her with a belated Christmas gift.  About a month ago, he began to clean out the garage and Mommy has been parking in there for the last several weeks.  She LOVES it, especially since it's winter and she doesn't have to scrape her windshield.  I've heard her tell Daddy several times how much she enjoys parking inside and is very thankful he did this for her.  I've consulted with my siblings and we don't think this problem is anyone's fault.  This kind of thing just happens when you own a house! 

Keep your paws crossed that the ransom is picked up soon!  Hopefully, Mommy's car won't be harmed in the process.


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