Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bahston Bound

Last week Mommy left us.  She was gone for five whole days.  She deserted us when we needed her most (more on that later).  It's a good thing we had Daddy here.  He took great care of us while Mommy was away.  She and Aunt Holly went on an adventure to Boston and its surrounding towns.  You might be surprised to learn that most people didn't make comments on their accents!  Maybe those Yankees are more polite than previously thought???  Hmmm . . .

Mommy and Aunt Holly started their trip in Salem communing with Mommy's distant ancestors . . .  Daddy was concerned Mommy might end up being tied to a stake, and Grandaddy told her to avoid the man with the matches!  Thankfully she survived.  Whew!

I have just one question about this sign . . . why are dead horses allowed but live dawgs aren't?????  Something to ponder for sure.

On day two, Mommy and Aunt Holly traveled to Martha's Vineyard for a great day of eating and shopping.

They started the third day with a tour of Fenway Park.  They both agreed it was one of the best tours they've taken . . . ever!

They spent a couple days walking parts of Boston's Freedom Trail where they soaked up tons of history.

The fourth morning started with a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery and a taste testing of several beers.  Yes, it was before noon, but Mommy said they didn't drink nearly as much as some people there!  And yes, Mommy decided to throw her doctor ordered wheat-free diet out the window . . . after all how many times will she be in a brewery???

That diet took another tumble when Mommy was at the Red Sox game that night.  Mommy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES hot dogs and says she couldn't resist one at the ball park.  Just because she's hacking up a lung this week means nothing.  Was it worth it, Mommy?

On their last day, Mommy and Aunt Holly visited a few more places on the Freedom Trail, enjoyed time at the Quincy Marketplace at Faneuil Hall, and then hopped on planes to their different corners of the world!

Until their next BIG adventure . . . how about a trip here Aunt Holly???
Miss you,

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