Tuesday, January 5, 2016

As the Dawgs Do Dishes?

Look what Mimi made for us!  Mommy found the towel sometime back (probably at TJMaxx) and has been waiting for a chance to ask Mimi to monogram it (a girl can never have too many items monogrammed, you know!).  By the time Mommy and Mimi were together, Mommy had decided to ditch the idea of a monogram and have our "name" put on it instead.  We think it turned out GREAT!

We wonder if she will actually USE this towel.  Actually we don't wonder, we know the answer already: NOT on your life!  Mommy has taught us that some towels are for using and some are just for viewing.  Every good dawg should know that.  Even Daddy knows that (probably after living with Mommy for as long as he has).  Recently Daddy had a friend over who USED one of the viewing towels.  The horror!  Mommy was a bit frustrated she wasn't around to catch him in the act.  Not that her usually polite Southern self would have said anything, but she could have stopped it before it occurred by handing him a towel that could actually see action and dirt!  

If you only knew how many dish towels we own that have never actually seen a dish to know why they are supposed to be called dish towels!  We bet we could make a king size spread for that king size bed we will never own!  [sigh]

Here's to doing the dishes the old fashioned way . . . with our tongues!
Dixie and Jenna

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  1. Somehow my good viewing towels always end up wadded up and dirty in the laundry! Be good dogs and keep your paws of this cute one!


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