Sunday, August 11, 2013

Visit with Grandma and Poppa

I had such a good time at my grandparents' house last week.  Grandma is always super nice to me, and she constantly tells me how beautiful I am.  How can you not like that??  I mean, she's correct of course, but it never hurts to hear it!  I think I got on Poppa's nerves sometimes because I liked to place my head on his knee so he could pet me.  Perhaps I did that too often?

My grandparents have an English Springer Spaniel named Coco.  Coco loaned me her crate a few years ago when I came to live with my parents.  Apparently she hadn't forgotten her crate . . . she hogged it the whole time I was there!!  Mommy had to sometimes coax Coco out of the crate so she could put me in it before leaving the house.  Mommy thinks I would have been fine in the house alone, but with Grandma's white sofa . . . you never know.  Only Hunter has lived to tell about sitting up there.  I have to admit, the temptation was there!

Mommy had lunch with several friends while visiting in her hometown.  She also traveled one day to visit with Great Aunt Frances.  Mommy's hometown is pretty small, but it's a mecca for her taste buds.  She had all of her favorites: barbecue, Mexican, fried popcorn shrimp, pimento cheese and SWEET tea with every meal!!!  Yummmm!!!!  She may have gained five pounds alone just from drinking the tea!

While at home, we celebrated Uncle Jeff's birthday.  I won't say how old he is, but he kept reminding Mommy that he's not as old as she is!!  We ate at the Mexican restaurant and followed it up with cake and presents at Uncle Jeff's house.  I say "we," but of course they didn't let me go eat with them.  I think the only reason I wasn't allowed to join them is because the cake was chocolate.  What a bummer.  I'm sure I would have enjoyed it.  On the other hand, the walls at the Mexican place had recently been painted a bright lime green and gave off a sickly tint to those in the pictures.  It's probably a good thing I wasn't there.  No one wants to see beautiful me looking sickly do they?

This last picture makes me feel old.  I remember when my human cousin was small enough she could look me in the eye.  Now she's reading, writing, and understanding jokes!  [sigh]  Why do they have to grow up?

In the words of the little old ladies who write in the local paper, "A good time was had by all!"

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