Monday, August 5, 2013

No! No! No!

I bet with the title of this blog post, you thought one of us was in trouble.  Which one of us did you suspect the most?  You don't have to say.  Just curious.  But, no, we are not what this post is about . . .

Can you hear the death march being played somewhere in the background?  Or some sobbing or screaming?  That's the sound of Mommy as she faces reality.  She has to report back to school two weeks from today!!!  AAGH!!!!!!!!
We've got to put our heads together and think of some way to fix this situation. 
Perhaps if we hide Mommy in the grass?   No, I guess that won't work. 
This has been happening for nineteen years and it never gets any easier for her. 
Reality is harsh sometimes. 
What to do?  What to do?  Hmmm . . . let's keep thinking . . .
I say, "Ppphhhlllbbbb!"  What?!?  Sticking my tongue out won't work? 
Then I guess we'll just have to put on our big dawg panties and deal with it!
Let's just grin and bear it!  Ten months from now, we won't even remember what this feels like . . .

Enjoy your last two weeks of freedom, Mommy. 
Hunter, Dixie, and Jenna

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