Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Clear Winner?

Since Mommy has returned to work, it's already fall in her mind.  She loves fall, but doesn't love that her favorite season must coincide with the return of the school year.  Don't worry, pretty soon she'll be back in the swing of things and we won't have to hear her complaints.  She loves her job, but she loves staying home even more (hint, hint, Daddy!). 

Each year Mommy and Uncle Jeff have a contest to see who can give Grandma the first acorn of the season.  No one really knows why they do this, but it's been going on for years.  Uncle Jeff usually wins since he lives close to Grandma and has the advantage of mileage.  Mommy has even been known to pop an acorn into the mail and send it to Grandma in the hopes of beating him.  Lately when Uncle Jeff wins, he likes to send a picture of the winning acorn to Mommy via text to rub it in!  That's pretty smart if you ask me.  There's nothing like the feeling of rubbing something in your sibling's face (literally or figuratively).  And I would know.  I like to torture and tease Dixie and Hunter all the time.  What kind of sister would I be if I didn't?

This year, I think the winner is  . . . (drum roll please) . . . MOMMY!!  I'm not calling her the winner just because she's my mom.  I really think she deserves to win this year.  That is, if  you count these as acorns. 

Technically, they haven't fully opened yet for you to see the nuts inside.  But we all know they're there.  Mommy should receive bonus points because she and Daddy planted the sawtooth oaks that produced these little gems.  When the trees were planted, they were shorter than Mommy.  Now they're HUGE and at least 3-4 times as tall as Daddy.  At least that's my best guess.  I'm pretty close to the ground, so estimation of heights isn't exactly my thing.  Just so Uncle Jeff knows, Mommy did NOT pick the acorns off the tree.  They were on the ground, so she actually found them.  I also think bonus points could be awarded on originality.  Uncle Jeff doesn't have this kind of oak in his yard.  I think we can all agree, these acorns are weird looking!

So, who do you think wins this year?  Bark once for Uncle Jeff (who is probably still hunting) and twice for Mommy.

Jenna Wiggles
Sibling Rivalry Club President

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