Saturday, August 17, 2013

Paper Heaven!

I just couldn't help myself!  Apparently Jenna couldn't either, but I'll take the blame for giving her the idea.  Naturally, Dixie was a good girl and stayed out of trouble.  Phooey on her!  It all started with a roll of PAPER!  And it's not what you're thinking . . .

Recently, we had an electrician hard wire the generator to the house so there's no more dragging out extension cords every time the power goes out.  Daddy has had the generator since Hurricane Irene hit two years ago.  It has come in handy a few times since then, but it's a big job to get it up and going.  Now we can just flip a switch, crank the generator, and badda-bing, we'll have power! 

Being the professional that he is, the electrician rolled out the brown carpet for us!  He opened a huge roll of brown kraft paper to run from the garage to the basement door which meant across the kitchen tile and den carpet.   I'm sure I heard angels singing at that moment!  I was in paper heaven!  I immediately, without any thought for the consequences, began to grab the end of the paper and nibble on it!  Mommy was appalled, but surely my behavior couldn't have surprised her that much.  She knows I LOVE paper!  She gave the crate command to my sisters and sent me packing upstairs.  She put the baby gate at the top of the stairs so I couldn't get back down.  [sigh]

I stayed upstairs until the electrician and his assistant went to lunch.  Mommy then released all of us to go out and play.  Once we were ready to come in and cool off, Jenna decided she was ready for a little treat.  Actually, a big brown treat in the form of that paper on the floor.  (Jenna learned all her best tricks from me!)  She grabbed a section and ran to the landing in the middle of the stairs.  She likes to go there when she wants to keep something from me and Dixie.  At that point, Mommy gave the crate command again, and I had to go back upstairs.  Bummer!

Overall, it was a nice boring day for us.  The electrician was here the whole day, which meant the paper taunted me the WHOLE day.  Oh well.  Although I didn't get to enjoy the entire brown carpet, at least I had a taste of it! 

Thankful for paper,

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