Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Neighbor Mike

We love to run to the fence and harass anyone who walks or jogs by the house.  I'm sure we've scared a few people over the years with our enthusiasm.  We definitely live up to the adage that our bark's worse than our bite.  They probably think we're going to come right over the top of the fence to get to them, but that won't happen.  At least, Jenna hasn't tried to do so yet.  She sometimes gets pretty excited if she knows the person on the other side and jumps pretty darn high, but so far so good!  I secretly fear it's only a matter of time.  Cross your paws that never happens!

Jenna becomes super excited (as do the rest of us) when our neighbor Mike comes by the fence.  He calls himself the "crazy old man in the woods," but we know him as the wonderful guy who gives us treats!!!  Mike has two dawgs of his own, Buster and Cole.  Buster used to be able to jump over our fence and come in and play whenever he wanted.  Buster is about a month older than I am.  As we've aged, we've both slowed down, so there is no more fence jumping.  Cole was only adopted in the last couple of years, so he is still a bit shy around our gang (I'm sure the three of us can be a little intimidating sometimes). 

For the past few months (maybe longer), Mike has begun carrying treats in his shirt pocket.  When we greet him at the fence, he doles out a few to each of us.  Yummmmm!!!!!!   Mike has to have really good aim with his throws or Jenna scarfs them all up before Dixie and I even have a chance to enjoy ours.  We LOVE having Mike visit.  Hopefully he doesn't think we just use him and abuse him for his treats.  I'm sure that's what Jenna is doing, but not me.  Dixie also loves having another pair of hands around to throw the tennis ball for her.  I loved having Mike visit long before he gave me treats.  He's a great buddy to have around.

Check out all five of us sitting on command (for a treat of course!).

We all need a Mike in our neighborhood, don't you think?

Wags and Treats,

PS:  No, your eyes aren't going bad.  That first photo is an animated version of several others put together.  Let us know if you like it!

PS2:  Don't you like my parents' way of keeping the grass down at the fence: Round Up!  Looks icky, but works like a charm!  Oh, and these photos were taken with the iPhone . . . not the best looks for any of us!

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