Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chasing Fireflies

Recently we received a picture of our cousin Kate with a jarful of fireflies she had caught!  That made Daddy want to re-live his own childhood, so he thought we should all go out and try our paw at catching fireflies.  Doesn't he realize we only need our gigantic mouths and tongues to do that?   Apparently not. 

Mommy grabbed a jar and had Daddy punch holes in the lid so any fireflies caught could breathe.  Daddy grabbed a flashlight.  Since when do you use a flashlight to catch fireflies, Daddy?  He said he needed the flashlight because he couldn't see the little buggers.  (I think it's called growing old!)  For Daddy's sake, I'll admit it was late (after 9) and it was very dark at first.   Eventually the moon came out from behind a cloud and gave off lots of light. 

Together, the two of them caught ten fireflies.  They had a lot of fun while doing so.  We dawgs had fun too.  Jenna and I chased each other around while Hunter chose a spot in the middle of the yard to relax so he could watch all of the action. 

Once our parents decided they had caught enough, they tried to capture their loot on camera.  Cousin Kate's picture was full of firefly light . . . Mommy and Daddy's not so much!  Daddy wondered why they wouldn't glow for him; Mommy said it was because they knew they were being held captive!  Daddy really wanted to take a great picture so he could send it to Kate.  After several attempts at the perfect picture, the lid was removed and the fireflies were allowed to return to nature.  

It was a fun night.  You need to go out and try it for yourself before summer's gone.  And boy, is it going by fast!

Chasing fireflies (and Jenna),
Dixie Doodle

PS: No fireflies were harmed during this activity except for the shock of being in a jar!  You can read about the proper way to catch fireflies here.  Oddly enough, they suggest using a flashlight!  Daddy's not so old after all!

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