Wednesday, August 14, 2013

To Good Friends and Safe Returns

Good grief, Charlie Brown (another famous and fabulous dawg owner)!  Will Mommy ever stay home??  After returning from Grandma and Poppa's house, Mommy turned right around and traveled halfway across the country to visit friends in my birthplace.  I hail from the great state of Minnesota.   I doubt Daddy would ever refer to it in that way, but Mommy enjoyed her time there.  For Daddy, the state only means one thing: SNOW!!  For Mommy, it means GREAT friends!

I can't believe Mommy didn't take me with . . . . . . her (inside prepositional joke for our Minnesotan friends).   I'm sure I could have fit into her suitcase.  Southwest allows passengers to check two bags for free, so she would still have had room for her clothes.  I really don't see the problem.  Just because I'm about 35 pounds over the baggage weight limit should mean nothing.  Just pay the fine and I'm there!!  It's cheaper than buying me a seat on the plane.  Or better yet, I could have been one of her two personal items carried onto the plane.  Have you seen how much some people carry on nowadays??  I definitely think doggie discrimination goes on with airlines.  If I were about a fifth of my size and could fit into a carrier under the seat, I could actually be a carry on.  Instead, big guys like me have to ride cargo.  How fair is that?   But I digress . . . I wanted to see Mommy's pals too (not to mention all of my four-legged furry buddies).  I'm sure everyone's missed me just as much as they've missed Mommy. 

It's been almost four years since Mommy's last visit and she had a few items on her to-do list:
  • eat at her favorite places
  • shop at her favorite scrapbook store
  • scrapbook with friends
  • have dinner with friends from school
  • enjoy lots and lots of laughs
  • look at cornfields and more cornfields (maybe that wasn't actually on her list, but it's kind of hard to avoid and they really are beautiful)

Mommy's Minnesota friends were happy to see her except for one tiny detail.  Before she left home, Daddy reminded Mommy of how tornadoes are prone to the area (as if she could forget).   Oddly enough, this was posted outside the airport restrooms:
Mommy didn't remember seeing those signs posted in the airport before.  Unfortunately for Minnesota, she apparently brought potentially bad weather with her.  Friends Mary and Amy said there had been no tornado threats all summer long . . . until Mommy arrived.  On the afternoon of her arrival, seriously high winds and golf ball sized hail swept right through the Twin Cities.  Thank goodness Mommy's plane arrived early that morning, and the weather skirted all around my former hometown.  [whew!]  Otherwise, Mommy might have had to work extra hard to avoid a house falling on top of her!  (You've seen that movie, right?)  I remember those storms and they can be really scary!   Not to mention the process of having to high tail it to the basement to seek shelter.  Why was it no one ever remembered to bring dawg toys to the basement for me?

Mommy's back home safe and sound and has no plans for trips any time soon . . . as least not that she's told me about.  I guess she could be planning something, but surely I would know, right???  The only unfortunate part of my immediate future is the upcoming school year.  [sigh]  I'll miss having her home during the day.

Enjoying the final dawg days of summer,

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