Monday, August 26, 2013

National Dawg Day

It's National Dawg Day!!! 

This is a real  holiday, not one made up by me or Mommy.  Mommy says she definitely wouldn't have chosen the official first day of school as a day to celebrate her canine children.  I think we should start a petition to make this day a bank holiday so everyone can stay home and enjoy it with their dawgs.  If you follow our link to the official website celebrating National Dawg Day, you can find a list of fifty suggested ways to celebrate the day.  Some of the ways are a little out there, such as creating a Facebook page for your dawg so he can share pictures with family and friends.  Who ever heard of such craziness??   The thought of a dawg with a Facebook page makes me snicker. 

Other suggestions include buying a designer crate to match your home d├ęcor.  Mommy so wishes she could do this for us.  She would prefer to be rid of our crates totally, but we truly like to spend time in them.  They're our safe zone.  I'm sure Daddy would think she was crazy (-er) if she tried to camouflage the crates as furniture or started decorating them with designer fabric.   I don't think Mommy is going to follow the suggestion to buy herself and us matching tee shirts either, although the four of us sure would look cute.  Perhaps one of the best suggested ways to spend the holiday (besides throwing a party and inviting all of your doggie friends) is to donate time and/or supplies to your local animal shelters.  There are so many dawgs that don't have it nearly as good as we do.  And I would know since I went through a couple different places before finding my furever home. 

In honor of such a special day, we had a photo shoot to try to capture all three of us in one terrific shot . . . results are mixed and you must remember Mommy is not a professional (photographer or dawg trainer).  A photo shoot is actually on the list of ways to celebrate, along with having an artist paint your pet's portrait.  Grandma already had a sketch of us made for Mommy's birthday, so we can check off both of these suggested ideas.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Apparently I make funny faces at the camera. 
You can count on Hunter to do what is expected!  He hardly changes in these pictures.
This one is good, but it could be better if Mommy hadn't cut off Dixie's tail. 
Of course, Dixie should have cooperated and aligned herself with the rest of us!

Dixie will let you know when the photo shoot is over.  She's had enough! 
So how are you spending this wonderful holiday?  

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