Thursday, August 8, 2013

Road Trip!!!

Recently Mommy took a road trip to see Grandma and Poppa.  For this year's trip, I was the CHOSEN ONE!!  Last year Hunter made the trip, but Mommy has decided Hunter is getting too old to be drugged and tortured that way.  This was my first trip to my grandparents' house and no one was quite sure how I would do.  They need not have feared . . .   I was FABULOUS!!!!!

When Hunter travels, he is so big he has the cargo area all to himself.  Mommy knew I would never stay back there.  She had thoughts about putting me in my crate, but had mixed feelings about that situation.  If the worst happened, I might be trapped and not able to get out.  On the other hand, by traveling loose I could be all over the place and go flying if an accident occurred.  Mommy thinks the best option would be to strap me in with a doggie seatbelt, but she hasn't tried that since I was a puppy.  I hated it!  I'm not sure if I would like it any better now.  So . . . she took her chances and I rode in the front seat with her.  When I grew restless, I hopped into the middle row and stretched out for a nap.  I never once got in her way.   I was a dream travel companion (in Mommy's words). 

I did learn a few things while traveling:
  • Mommy can make a very loud sound come from that giant Frisbee she uses to steer.  A few deer jumped out into the road before we even left town and Mommy scared them off with her horn (a trick learned from Grandaddy).
  • If you watch the wipers go back and forth too many times, you might become a little dizzy.
  • Putting the windows down when you are stopped in traffic is terribly exciting.  You can see the truck drivers and others up close.  They even wave you at sometimes. 
  • There are LOTS of smells at gas stations.  Some good, some not so good! 
  • I need to be prepared to potty soon after arriving for a rest stop.  Mommy becomes a tiny bit frustrated waiting on me to do my business (especially when she needs to do hers!!).
  • As long as you don't beg, Mommy will hand you a French fry from time to time.
  • McDonalds is great at filling a cup half way with water (no ice) for a dawg.  We had a travel bowl, but the cup with the lid worked much better.  Next time, Mommy will remember to take our own cup. 

We passed a place that I think would be a wonderful place to stop and visit.  If it's named after me, if has to be great, right?  Mommy said we didn't have time on this trip.  Maybe next time . . . I'm sure there will be another trip for me.  I was THAT good!

The only bad part about my trip was the welcome home I received when we got back.  Hunter was fine: sniff, sniff and it was over.  Jenna, on the other hand, was a TERROR!!  She must have thought I had moved out permanently since both my crate and I were absent.  Apparently, she thought she ruled the house now.  She ATTACKED me when she saw me!!!!  I am not even exaggerating.  Mommy had to pull her off of me several times.  I was terrified and hid out first behind the kitchen table and then later in the closet while Mommy was unpacking.  Mommy had a few choice words with Jenna about her unacceptable behavior.  Mommy felt so sorry for me.  I felt sorry for me too.  I didn't receive that kind of treatment at my grandparents' house even from their dawg Coco!   [Hmpf!]  Thankfully, we were back to normal the next day, but it was kind of scary for a while. 

I'll be back later with more of the furry details about my visit at Grandma and Poppa's house.
Dixie Doodle

PS:  Don't put too much thought into how all of those pictures were taken while traveling . . . surely it can't be any more distracting than the possibility of kids screaming and punching each other in the back seat, right?  That's what Mommy thought too. 

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