Friday, August 23, 2013

A Hairy Situation

It's been a nice long summer around here, but of course it can never be long enough.  At the start of the summer I was shedding like crazy.  Mommy says I shed more than my brother and sister put together.  Unfortunately, she's right.  I have no idea why I'm so hairy, but I am.  Compared to me and Dixie, Hunter has hardly ever shed any hair.  He's not one to leave hairs behind on the furniture or clothing.  He generally only loses hair when Mommy brushes him.  When Dixie came into my parents' lives, her hair was a rude awakening to them.  Mommy feels like she is sucking up a tiny version of Dixie when she vacuums behind Dixie's crate.  When I came onto the scene, the quality of housekeeping became a hairy situation.  I don't leave my hairs behind my crate as much as Dixie; instead, I take them with me all over the house!

I swear Mommy could brush me every day and I could grow another fur coat overnight.  Here's what it looked like earlier in the summer from just one swipe of the brush:

Here's the pile Mommy had when she finished with all three of us.  I told you Hunter hardly lost any hair!  Pretty gross, huh?  (Perhaps not as gross as Mommy taking a picture of it, but she was amazed!)

Thankfully, my shedding has slowed down as the end of summer nears.  And something strange is going on . . . Hunter is shedding just as much hair as I was earlier.  This has never happened before. 

But Hunter has an excuse.  He's been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  They say it runs in families, so he must have caught his thyroid problem from Mommy.  I sure hope I don't catch it.  Hunter's been taking medication for just over a month now.  He's definitely improving in ways I never imagined.  I had no idea Hunter was actually sick.  I just thought the poor guy was getting old.  His medication has given him new life!  He's going up and down the stairs on his own now and doesn't even have to be sneaky about it like he was earlier.  (He doesn't move as fast as we girls do, but then who does?)  He has more energy and is running more in the yard.  He's doing great!

For all of his pain and suffering, I told him I would allow Mommy to use an embarrassing photo of me instead of posting one of him.  Even sisters can be nice sometimes.  Even when they're jealous.  Hunter has lost some weight in the last month and didn't really need to lose anything.  The doctor told Mommy that Hunter could have an additional CUP of food!  Seriously???  A whole cup?  I don't think I'll ever hear those glorious words!  [sigh]

To good health and more food,

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