Monday, July 1, 2013

Historic Visit from Aunt Holly

Last week Aunt Holly came up for a few days.  She and Mommy decided to make their travels low-key this year since they took a nice long vacation to California last year.  This year's trip was strictly educational and historical (well, at least the first part of the week).  They spent a couple days in Annapolis and a day in Gettysburg. 

They made it a point to eat seafood for EVERY meal while they were in Annapolis!  (However they weren't successful in finding clam chowder for breakfast like they did in San Francisco last year!!  Yep, they're weird like that sometimes.)

They took a great walking tour of the city that included tons of history and the Naval Academy.

While at the Academy, Mommy considered becoming a midshipman . . . for a whole minute!  Don't you think she looks cute in this hat?  Too bad a full white uniform wouldn't be very slimming!  Not to mention how seasick she might be on a daily basis!

Did you know this week is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg?  That's a really long time in dawg years.  While in Gettysburg, they met a famous person and had their picture taken with him. 

Mommy even tried on his hat!

The power went out at the visitor center while they were there.  Mommy thought they needed something to keep them occupied while waiting for it to come back on, so she tried on the hat of the Confederates.  It took a while to get a decent smile and even now Aunt Holly isn't sure it was a total success!  Mommy and Aunt Holly have a tradition of taking pictures of Mommy in crazy hats while on their trips.  I'm not sure why Aunt Holly never tries them on . . .

They saw LOTS of Civil War re-enactors at the many monuments throughout the cemetery. 
Those people were serious about their "jobs."

After engaging their minds, Mommy and Aunt Holly chilled out at our house scrapbooking.  Mommy is way behind on her books.  She is trying to work on baby books for both of her new nephews, but it is slow going.  If you start wondering what Mommy is doing this summer (besides what you read in the posts we dawgs are writing), I can guarantee she is scrapbooking!

Aunt Holly is back home now, but Mommy has plenty to keep her occupied besides scrapbooking.  After all, more company is on the way!


PS:  We want to send a bark out to our cousins who are celebrating birthdays this week:
Kate turns four on Tuesday and Avery turns one on Wednesday!  Happy Birthday!  Don't forget to put some birthday cake in the mail for us!  Jenna will take two pieces please.

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