Saturday, July 6, 2013

Don't Burst My Bubbles!

Since summer is here, Mommy thought she would break out the bubbles.  She loves to play with bubbles and unfortunately for her all she has to play with is us!  Mommy might need to invite the neighborhood kids over to play since we don't get as excited about bubbles as she'd like.  This was Jenna's first experience with bubbles (at least to our knowledge) and she wasn't all that impressed.  Jenna ran around a few times, but when she realized that "eating" the bubbles wasn't all that satisfying, she quickly became bored. 

The Jaws of Life

I only chased the bubbles once.  I couldn't totally disappoint Mommy.  But of course, there aren't any good pictures of me . . .  we only have pictures of the oldest, the privileged, the chosen one!  Hunter was the one who was most excited by the bubbles.

You would have thought he was a puppy by the way he was running all over the yard trying to catch the bubbles.  I think seeing Hunter with so much energy did Mommy's heart good.  He LOVED playing with the bubbles!

Which way did they go?
Oh well, I guess we can't play with tennis balls ALL the time . . . but it sure would be nice! 

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