Saturday, July 27, 2013

One More . . .

I know I said I wouldn't post any more about Mommy's birthday, but I just had to send out an S.O.S.  WHY does Mommy put us into these situations???  And WHY does Daddy allow her to???  HELP!!!!   Look at what she's been doing:

Jenna sat perfectly still for her photo session and was rewarded handsomely by Daddy. 
He loves his bird dawg!
I look a bit embarrassed by all of this attention.  Actually, I'm only pretending. 
They don't call me a DIVA for nothing around here!

What I really can't believe is that Hunter lucked up and didn't have to go through this process.  If those black glasses were going to show up on anyone, it would be him.  At least he's old enough to wear them.  He probably wishes he could wind back the clock to FORTY!!  Oh well.

Until my next costume (and you KNOW there will be one).

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