Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'm in Collar Heaven !

Mommy was thinking about us when she was in Annapolis and we have proof.  She bought each of us a new collar while she was gone.  She's been thinking about buying new collars for us to celebrate the summer season, but just didn't think we really needed them.  Well, not until she found a really cute dawg store in Annapolis.

I am literally tickled pink with my new collar!  It is the perfect collar for me, and Mommy said she didn't have to think twice about which one to choose for me.  It has TENNIS BALLS on it!!!!  Yippee!!  I can have my tennis balls and wear them too! 

Hunter's collar looks very handsome on him.  Mommy bought him a collar that has on it the nautical flags from A to Z.  It really does look good with his brown fur.

Then there is Jenna's new collar.  It took Mommy two trips to that cute little pet boutique to decide which one to buy for Jenna.  There wasn't a collar that called out JENNA when Mommy walked by.  At least that what's Mommy told me.  I interpreted that to mean there wasn't a collar that had a garbage disposal on it, or a cruise line buffet, or even a simple hot dawg and fries!  When Mommy thinks of Jenna, Mommy thinks FOOD!  (Perhaps because Jenna herself is always thinking FOOD!)  Finally Mommy chose a collar with dawg bones all over it.  She had a lot of help from Aunt Holly in this decision making process.  It's as close to the perfect collar for Jenna as could be found.

Unfortunately, my collar has already become a little dirty.  I think it's because Jenna is jealous that her collar isn't as perfect as mine and so she's been chasing me around the yard.  Either way, I look good!  Dawg gone good, if you ask me!

I hope you have a great Fourth of July!  We'll be wagging our tails and waving our flags as we set off fireworks! 

Happy Birthday, America!
Dixie  Doodle (not to be confused with Yankee Doodle)

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