Friday, July 19, 2013

Sneaky, Sneaky, Boy

Hunter is not in Mommy's good graces lately.  He is her oldest child (some say her favorite, but I don't see how that is possible considering his competition).  Mommy would do anything for him (and has).  As he's aged, he has begun having difficulty going up and down the stairs.  We aren't sure if he's truly in pain, or if he is just afraid he will be in pain should something go wrong.  He needs LOTS of encouragement most days to even begin the climb.  It's the same thing when he tries coming down.  Mommy tries to get him to go slowly, but he prefers the "running head start" method.  We try to limit the number of times he tackles the steps to just once down in the morning and then once up for bedtime.  However, being Mommy's child, he has his own ideas and insists on dong things his way.  Hunter probably goes up and down the stairs an average of about four times a day . . . or so Mommy thought!!!!

Hunter had sworn us to secrecy and since he's the biggest around here, we had no choice but to agree.  Last week Mommy came home from running errands for just a few minutes before running out to a hair appointment.  When she arrived home the first time, she heard Hunter upstairs whining for her to come help him down.  She thought nothing of it since it's pretty routine.  She couldn't remember if she had taken Hunter back upstairs before she left that morning.  She does that sometimes because if she doesn't, Hunter whines for Daddy to come help him up and that is NOT going to happen when Daddy is trying to sleep.  Mommy helped Hunter down the stairs and we all went out for a potty break.  A few minutes later, Mommy was off again after giving us each a treat and leaving us all on the main floor of the house.

Three hours later, Mommy returned and heard Hunter upstairs whining for her to come help him down.  She cocked her head to the side and thought about it . . . . he came down, went outside, was right there in the kitchen when I left the second time, and now he's upstairs . . . hmmmmm.  Her precious Hunter was fooling her.  He apparently CAN go up and down the steps without assistance!!!

Mommy was very surprised at her discovery.  She is now wondering how long Hunter's stealth has been going on.  Personally, I would call it deceit, but I value my life.  I would also tell Mommy the truth, but again I value my life.  [sigh]  I guess it's probably not done on purpose.  Hunter doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  He only snaps at me and Jenna when we are goofing around and step on him.  I can't blame him.  I guess he just does what he has to do.  If our parents are here, he asks for help.  If they aren't here, he just sucks up his fears and goes for it.  Who can blame the old guy for that?  Not me . . . at least if I know what's good for me!

Keeper of the Secrets,

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