Monday, July 8, 2013

Conversation Between the Wires

A conversation overheard and dutifully reported by Hunter (perhaps gleefully too) . . .

Jenna:  Why do you think we have to stay in our crates when Mommy and Daddy are out?

Hunter:  Seriously?  Have you seen the mess you make with toilet paper?

Dixie:  Yep.  That is definitely the reason.

Hunter:  Don't act like you're innocent, Dixie.  Remember a certain collection of wine corks you chewed up all over the house?  You were stuck in your crate long before Jenna came along.  I think you stay in your crates because they know that is the only time I can take advantage of the sofa.

Jenna:  They're trying to blame the condition of the sofa on us girls, but we know you were wallowing on it a full eight years before we were even alive!

Hunter:  [sigh]  Those were the good 'ole days!  If you two will excuse me, I'm going to enjoy the sofa.

Dixie:  You know, Jenna, I really don't understand why you arrived on the scene last and you have the room with the view.  From your crate, you can look out and watch the birds as they come and go.  I look out and see nothing but carpet.  And Hunter snoring on the sofa!

Jenna:  It's because I'm loved.

Dixie:  And you've got the best access to the air vent.  I'd like a little breeze every now and then.  Besides those stinky ones that come from you!

Jenna:  It's simple.  I'm loved.  Or at least I think I'm loved . . . I've noticed you have two blankets and I only have one.

Dixie:  It's called more love.  I even have a stuffed animal that matches one of my blankets.

Jenna:   Well, my blanket matches my collar.  That makes me the most stylish girl here (not counting Mommy, of course).

Dixie:  My crate is taller than yours.

Jenna:  By an INCH!  I hardly think that matters.

Dixie:  Well, I don't have to have a special latch to prevent my escape.

Jenna:  Escape? Why would I want to leave?

Dixie:  Well, I can see Mommy and Daddy when I'm crated.  What can you see?  The sofa arm?

Jenna:  Nope.  Birds!  Ha!

Dixie:  Hmpf!  No matter what, I think we can both say these are our Girl Caves.  I like to hide out in mine all the time and you're starting to sleep in yours more often just because you want to.  We're both loved.  Hunter has been here the longest, and he doesn't have a Man Cave.

Hunter:  Yes, I do.

Jenna:  I thought you were asleep.

Hunter:  I can't sleep with all of your yapping going on.

Dixie:  So, where's your Man Cave?

Hunter:  It's called the HOUSE.

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