Friday, June 28, 2013

Bad Hair Day

Have you ever had a bad hair day?  Everyone in our house has one from time to time (some more than others).  Mommy's curly hair is prone to frizzy days depending on the weather.  If it's pulled back and/or up a couple days in a row, then you know she's having a bad hair week.  I don't think you would suspect Daddy of having bad hair days, but you'd be wrong.  He keeps his hair so short people sometimes think he's in the military, and yet he still has plenty of bad hair days.  Mommy says Daddy's hair always looks the same.  He says the same about hers. 

I guess most days my hair usually does look the same, but once a month, Mommy causes the canines in the house to have a bad hair week.  She treats us with our flea and tick prevention in the form of drops on the back of our head and neck.  The result of those drops on our heads is a contest between the three of us to see who can look most like a rooster. It's not a very good look.  I would say most months it's a tie between the three of us.  There is a clear winner this month.

In third place, with only a greasy spot to show for Mommy's efforts: Dixie Doodle

In second place, with a slight greasy spot  . . .

. . . and a slight "bump" on the back of the head is me, Hunter the Wonder Dawg.

And the clear winner with a true rooster comb: Jenna

I know it looks like Jenna's collar is causing this look, but it's not.  This is all flea and tick gunk.  I guess we have Mommy to thank for these embarrassing looks.  But then again, we also have her to thank for long life and comfy living without those pesky parasites.  Mommy says we have NEVER had a flea or tick on us.  NOT ONE!

Thank you Mommy (for not making me the rooster this month),

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