Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Up, Up, and Away!!!

As part of Mommy's birthday deception, um, I mean surprise, Daddy gave Mommy an early gift.  I think he was acting like he couldn't keep a secret (because he usually can't) in order to keep the real secret of the spa day.  About two weeks before her big day, he presented her with a certificate for a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE!!!!!!  She has always wanted to take one!  This was definitely on her bucket list and since she's getting to be old, she might as well start working on that list now! 

The ride was scheduled for the night before her birthday.  Naturally, this just happened to be the hottest week of the year and rain was expected.  The instructions said to call about two hours in advance to see if the ride would be on or off.  When Mommy first called, the message said to call back thirty minutes later.  Daddy was sure it was going to be called off.  He and Mommy had both been checking the radar all afternoon using two different websites.  Mommy was slightly more hopeful.  When she called back the second time, the message said the ride was ON!!!  Yippee!!!  The only bad part about the evening was that we dawgs weren't allowed to go!  I just don't get why my parents get to do so many cool things without us.  However, I guess this time I do understand.  Jenna would be trying to jump out (think sky diving dawg) and Hunter would be freaked out!

I think both my parents were a little bit nervous about the ride.  It seemed to take the crew forever to ready the balloon, but they were doing safety checks and it was a windy evening which apparently makes for a slightly more difficult launch.  By the time Mommy and Daddy crawled into the balloon (literally), they were ready!  Daddy is afraid of heights, so this had the potential to be really bad for him.  The informational paper work said that since the balloon was not anchored to the ground and it moved with the wind, the horrible sensation acrophobics normally feel is alleviated.  It turned out, the paper was right!

The balloon ride was wonderful!  Mommy is ready to go again right now!!!  They flew over beautiful farm land that made a green quilt-like pattern from the different types of crops growing.  Every time they flew over a farm with dawgs, they heard lots of barking.  Dawgs were going crazy running in circles after the balloon.  I'm sure if given the chance, we would act much more mature . . . yeh, right! 

Mommy took almost two hundred pictures to record the trip from beginning to end.  Daddy says she couldn't possibly have enjoyed the actual trip because she was clicking the camera continuously, but she said that is sooooo not true.  (She finally narrowed down her total pictures to just over 100 thankfully!)  The balloon landed in a farmer's field.  The farmer's whole family came out to greet the balloon and was very excited to be a part of this adventure.

I'm happy my parents had a good time on their balloon ride, but I truly believe they should consider taking at least one of us (ME) on their next fun trip. 

Waiting for an adventure,

PS:  I promise this is the last mention of Mommy's birthday!  Her celebration is stretching into two weeks.  Enough already!   I get it.  She is now OLD!! 

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