Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day!?!?

We had our first snow of the season this past Sunday!  We were only expecting a few flurries, but we ended up with about five or six inches instead!  Being Minnesota born and bred, I LOVED it!  I love to just go out and eat the snow.  Survival experts say that you should not do this because it only makes you thirstier, but what do they know??  My parents told me this fact and they should know.  They did all kinds of research when they had to move to the American version of Siberia: Minne-SNOW-ta!  Daddy looks back on that time as his own little version of Hades on Earth, but if he hadn't moved there he wouldn't have me, right?

My only real problem with the snow is that I tend to forget my boundaries since everything is white.  As soon as Mommy let me out Monday morning I made yellow snow right on the deck!  She was afraid I was going to make brown snow too, so she grabbed me by my collar and forced me across the deck to the yard.  Geez!  I'm not that old!  I don't just go potty anywhere . . . do I???

Dixie and Jenna also loved the snow.  This was the first real snow we've had since Jenna's been with us (remember no snow days for Mommy for the past two years!!).  They ran and chased each other around the yard numerous times.  They would run inside to be toweled off only to turn right around and ring the bell to go out again.  It drove Mommy crazy.  Mimi reminded Mommy that at least the girls didn't require gloves and coats each time they wanted to go out!

Mommy did NOT have to go to work on Monday.  Yippee!!  We aren't sure if this actually counts as an official snow day or not.  Technically, the students were already scheduled to be off for a teacher workday.  Although Mommy's very happy she didn't have to report to work, she feels a bit robbed of a real snow day!  Once again, Daddy reminded her that people with "real jobs" have to go to work no matter what!

Here's to more SNOW DAYS this winter!

Paws Script: Mommy has an official snow day TODAY!!!!  Yippee!!!


  1. The snow sets off the dogs color!
    We are at Disney, wonderful time! I worry it will snow in Raleigh and the grandkids will miss it. It snow less in Raleigh than it does in PA!

    1. Thank you for responding Aunt Linda! We hope you have a great time with the grandkids at Disney, but we really question how much fun you can have with a MOUSE!?!?! Wouldn't you rather travel to be with us???


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