Friday, July 5, 2013

Fifth of July

How did you spend the holiday yesterday?  Daddy had to go to work and be the grill master for the other employees.  He doesn't get the day off.  [sigh]  Mommy worked around the house doing some deep cleaning because we have our second round of company coming next week.

Mommy is not a big fan of the Fourth simply because she usually has to spend most of the day by herself.  She would love to have our family come for a visit (Grandma and Poppa used to), but now we have two cousins whose birthdays are right before the holiday, so it kind of prevents the grandparents from visiting us.  Bummer!  Another reason why Mommy doesn't enjoy the day is because Daddy spends all day at the grill at work, so he never wants to grill when he comes home.

This year was different.  Mommy said it turned out to be one of the best Fourths we've had in a while.  Daddy was able to come home much earlier than he usually does.  After watching a movie together, we all went out to play.  Daddy decided to give us some practice with the deadfowl trainer.  It's basically a plastic dead duck whose head wobbles around (like a real dead duck).  I may let Dixie win when it comes to tennis balls, but she is not going to beat me at duck retrieving.  Nothing is getting between me and the ducks!  Except Hunter.  He wanted to participate so badly, but he just couldn't keep up with us pups.  Every once in a while Daddy would throw it short so Hunter could retrieve it.  Hunter had so much fun.  The poor guy was suffering for it afterwards when he was hobbling around.  His arthritis can be a real pain sometimes. 

Another reason it was a great evening is because Daddy had refrained from eating a hotdawg at work.  That meant he was willing to have one for dinner.  Yippee!!  You must understand, Mommy is a SERIOUS hotdawg fan!!!  She loves her dawgs smothered in sooooo many toppings, she usually has to break out a fork to eat it.


After dinner, they sat on the deck enjoying music until it grew dark and they could enjoy the neighborhood fireworks.  We had quite a few REAL fireworks leftover from past years (you know, the kind that actually leave the ground; the kind that aren't sold around here).  But Daddy is so afraid of ruining his hunting dawgs with the loud noises, that he decided to take the fireworks to the neighbors.  The kids next door were so thankful and excited.  There was also another house across the street that had MAJOR fireworks.  We just sat back and enjoyed the show!


Well, everyone enjoyed the show except Hunter.  Poor guy.  He's not a big fan of the Fourth either.  He barked with EVERY snap, crackle, and bang he heard.  He really doesn't like loud noises.  Dixie and I were pros.  We weren't bothered by the fireworks at all.  It was loads of fun.  We had a great evening. 

I hope you had great Fourth of July too,

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