Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Birthday Surprises!!!

Hello everyone!  I was planning to write last week about how we celebrated Daddy's birthday, but a few surprises came along and I've been too busy to write!  Grandma, Poppa, and Great Aunt Frances arrived last Thursday afternoon for a long weekend.  Daddy said they decided to visit on HIS  birthday weekend, so that he could surprise Mommy with her birthday gift NEXT weekend (when she will turn forty).  HE LIED!!!

On Friday morning (Daddy's birthday), Mommy got up and made him breakfast and then he headed off to work for a day of continuous meetings.  Mommy and her family went shopping and antiquing Friday morning and then headed to one of their favorite places for lunch, Pizza by Elizabeths (yes, it's plural).  As they were eating, Mommy had a BIG SURPRISE!  Daddy hadn't gone to work; instead he had gone to the airport to pick up Mommy's college roommate, Dodie, and Mommy's buddy from high school, Holly!!!!  They came into the restaurant carrying matching tee shirts for everyone and a tiara for Mommy!  Mommy was THRILLED to see her friends!!!  It had been two weeks since she'd seen Holly, but two years since she'd seen Dodie!

Since it was actually Daddy's birthday, he requested a low country boil for his birthday dinner later that evening.  He really wanted crawfish in his boil, but he had to settle for crabs instead.  We followed Uncle Jeff's step-by-step directions and had a wonderful dinner.  At least we were told it was wonderful.  No one would share with us dawgs.  Can't you just imagine Jenna tearing into a crab?!?!?!

Everyone enjoyed the meal, and it continued even when the power went out due to a storm. 

Mommy's birthday surprise continued into Saturday morning.  All the ladies of the house (except for Dixie and Jenna) went to a nearby spa for a day of pampering.  They had sooooo much fun.  Dixie and Jenna were a little bit put out that they couldn't go.  I'm sure the girls would have had fun, but they would have been into the bubble baths, body wraps, scrubs, and more and the day would have turned into a disaster. 

Saturday night's dessert was birthday cake and s'mores around the fire pit.  Grandma brought with her an old fashioned seven (tiny) layer caramel cake just like Great Granny used to make.  The only difference was the buttercream icing with polka dots to make it more festive for the birthday boy and girl (and I use those terms liberally at this point in my parents' lives).  Mommy chose candles that doubled as sparklers, but they didn't have as much pizazz as she had hoped for!  She also just used the number of candles in the package instead of trying to find the MANY that would be required to celebrate two birthdays.

After cake, we went out to the fire pit for s'mores.  I personally LOVE making s'mores!!!  I don't actually get to enjoy the finished product, but my parents are happy to toss a few marshmallows my way every now and then.  This was Jenna's first time with s'mores.   She loved the marshmallows too.  She did get too close to the fire from time to time, but I never noticed any smoke coming from her tail.  


It was a fabulous weekend full of family, friends, and fun.  Daddy has officially moved into first place for Husband of the Year.  He has been planning this weekend since January!  It's an amazing feat for him to keep a secret for that long.  Seriously!  Good for Daddy!  I really thought he was going to blow it a few times.  He told me all about it because he knew I would never reveal a secret.  I'm not sure if the same can be said for my sisters . . .

Happy Birthday to Daddy, Mommy, and my cousin Sam (yesterday)!!

Keeper of the Secrets,

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