Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is the day . . . Mommy is officially OVER the HILL!!!!  She has turned the
Big Four-Oh, Say it Ain't So!!!! 
Cocktail napkins Mommy found over a year ago in preparation for her big day!

Mommy seems to be handling her new age fine, but she has noticed a few things about herself lately:
  • A tee tiny spider crawled up on the backs of her knees and left its web there in the last month (or so it seems).   A broom is not helping!
  • She has a few more gray hairs and is now envious of blond people; Aunt Holly is the same age and has no gray hairs to show for it!  [hmpf]
  • A laugh line has appeared on the left side of her mouth.  I don't think this would bother her as much if she had one on the right side too.  It's all about symmetry (and her OCD). 
  • The wrinkles on her forehead are growing a tiny bit deeper and the one between her eyes is about to slice a hole in her head.  Surely a shot of Botox would help that??

She blames that last bit of "character" on her middle school students.  It's hard not to get a wrinkle on your forehead when you raise an eyebrow at the weird things they do sometimes.  She has an amazing ability to raise one or the other in fabulous non-verbal communication (the words of her college speech professor).  Her students frequently try to imitate her eyebrows, but we don't think it can be done . . . we've tried!

Daddy is working today, but that isn't a bad thing for Mommy.  Daddy was off all last week, and of course he threw her a fabulous surprise spa party last weekend.  Mommy is sitting around embracing her new age in the purple tee shirt and tiara from last weekend's party.  Truth be told, Mommy has tried on her tiara a few times this past week with different hairstyles!  If only Daddy were the prince of  some place besides the Land of Charm!  [sigh]  I guess Mommy will just have to pretend today!

The Queen (of Drama, of the House, of Dawgs) and her subjects

With old age comes bad eyesight! 
 (These are left over from Daddy's big day last year.)

Happy 40th Birthday, Mommy! 
Wags and Kisses, 
Hunter, Dixie & Jenna

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