Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two Terrific Threes

Happy Birthday Dixie and Jenna!
Today is a great day for my sisters.  They are turning three.  Mommy is calling it the terrific threes, but that is yet to be seen in my opinion!  Mommy bought peanut butter-honey flavored ice cream and cookies shaped like cupcakes.  She fixed three plates of goodies for us (you can't leave me out just because it's not my b-day).  Mommy attempted to carry the plates outside to the deck for us to enjoy.   It didn't go as well as she wanted.  She dropped a plate and Jenna went in for the kill!  Jenna successfully snatched up one of the cookies and then went looking for more.  Thankfully, Mommy was able to save the rest of the birthday treats and put them on the table.  She intended for us to stand by the table for a photo opp, but that didn't work out . . .
Instead, she put the plates in front of our feet and stood back to take our picture.  That was the goal.
 In reality, Jenna grabbed ALL THREE scoops of ice cream before we even blinked! 
Poor Dixie.  I felt so sorry for her, but not enough to share my cookie!  She guarded her cookie fiercely after that. 
After enjoying the birthday treats, we played ball in the yard.  I'll be honest, I only fetched twice, but the girls had fun!
Dixie is definitely more of a princess than Jenna, so she has a birthday cake crown!  She tolerates it pretty well.
Jenna is our party girl, so her tiara is bedazzled with a flashy purple fringe.
You can't see it, but Jenna is currently making a move on Mommy's party hat!  After all, it is made out of paper . . .
This hat is yummy!
Dixie gives Mommy kisses.
This is what happens when you snuggle up to Jenna!  Yuck!
You can't tell it, but the "Y" in "Happy" is long gone by this point!  I guess it can't be helped.  It too was made of paper.
I hope you've enjoyed celebrating Dixie's and Jenna's birthday!  I can't wait until my big day!
Twelve more days,
PS: If you're looking for a great party tip, I suggest you use paper plates. That way, your guests can eat them after they eat the food, and you won't have any clean up!

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