Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend Kickoff

As the days have grown warmer, Mommy has been coming outside with us to play for longer periods of time in the afternoons. She and Hunter sit in the grass under the maple tree (it has the best shady spot), and Dixie and I play with each other and the tennis balls. When we are tired from all of our running around, we all sit together in the shade to relax. Mommy sometimes brings a few things with her: book, snack, drink, camera, phone, and always the Chuck-it. (We can't take Dixie outside without the Chuck-it!)

Since it was Friday, Mommy decided to relax with a glass of wine. Last year, Mommy's principal gave out plastic wine glasses to celebrate the end of the school year. (Can you really call it a glass if it's made of plastic? But calling it a cup doesn't seem right since it has a stem!) Mommy thought Friday afternoon was the perfect time to use the glass because she was going outside. She loaded her arms up with all of her goodies and headed out to the shady spot.

Hunter was loving life because the grass had been cut that day. Our neighborhood teen had to stop cutting the grass for some reason, so my parents decided to hire a lawn service. They have decided the cost is sooooooooo worth it to save Daddy's allergies and Mommy's voice from nagging. So what if that John Deere is sitting there wasting away? Maybe I can convince them to sell it and use the money to purchase extra treats for me??

Mommy was playing fetch with Dixie and even played along when Hunter asked her to throw his blanket (it doesn't go far, which is good for him). While her back was turned, I was a bad girl. I moved in on her wine glass! After all, it was hot outside and I needed to cool off. I liked that glass of pinot grigio so well, I decided to drink all of it. When Mommy turned back around, my tongue was planted so far down in the glass I couldn't make a fast enough getaway. She was NOT happy.

Deciding her wine was ruined, Mommy dumped it in the yard and I began licking the grass. Dixie was clued in to the possibility of a treat by then, so she joined me. We ended up licking that grass and glass as "clean as cold water could get it." Mommy couldn't do much about it since she was too lazy to get up from her comfy spot on the grass! Instead, she grabbed her camera to capture our enjoyment.

Here's to a great weekend! Enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend.  Cheers!

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