Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Princess and the Pea

For a few years now, we have owned an Orvis outdoor doggie bed.  It's a great bed because rain can come and go easily right through the bed without destroying it.  You just have to wash the cover every so often.  This bed has been wonderful for me.  I love to lie outside night and day on my cushy bed.  The only problem is that both of my sisters like to rest on my bed too.  Especially Dixie.
Recently Mommy was at an Orvis outlet and found two outdoor doggie beds for sale.  She decided to buy another bed for all of us to share.  She opted against a third figuring the chances of all three of us lying down outside at the same time was pretty slim.  She was thrilled to find the new bed, but wasn't happy about the color options for the cover.  The options offered in the catalog aren't much better.  It doesn't really matter what the covers look like because they fade terribly.  Maybe Grandma will help Mommy sew new covers out of Sunbrella fabric?  (hint, hint??)

Until this past week, the bed had been sitting outside for a couple of weeks and not one of us had been on it.  I haven't been on the bed because obviously the older and bigger bed is MINE!  I have no need for the new bed.  Jenna sniffed it out, but ignored it otherwise.  Dixie was the one who was most interested in it.  She approached the bed in tiny baby steps . . .
"Hmpf . . . there's a new bed over there."

"Yes, my hiney is touching the bed.  But that doesn't count!"

"See Jenna, this is the way you do it  . . ."

" . . . one half of your body at a time."

"I think this bed looks good on me.  What do you think?"

"This is comfie.  Perhaps Jenna needs her own bed after all . . ."
I'm sure now that Dixie has mastered the new bed, it won't be long before Jenna does too!
Here's to new favorite resting spots,

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