Monday, May 20, 2013

Squirrel Patrol

Our neighborhood used to be a big farm (long before we arrived), so there aren't many large trees in our yard.  When my parents moved in, there were only three trees in the front yard and none in the back.  Mommy, Daddy, and Hunter planted three more in the front and thirteen in the back.  Daddy says all of the trees he has planted at his last three houses are his legacy.  He is never there long enough to see them grow very much, but someone will.  He's happy to have been in this house for as long as he has; the trees have definitely grown in the last seven years!  Because most of the trees aren't that big, we don't have a very large squirrel population.  What a bummer!

We do however have two things:  a wooded area across the street and a bird feeder!  Squirrels love bird seed and I love squirrels.  The squirrels that hide out in the woods are both stupid and brave.  They are stupid because there are three dawgs at my house.  They are brave because they just keep coming.  They cross the street, hop up on the fence, run along the top of the fence, and make their way onto our deck.  Once they are on the deck, they gorge themselves on birdseed.  We have a huge feeder that Daddy and Poppa made when my parents first moved in. 
I like to lie just inside the sliding door that leads to the deck.  I watch everything that goes on outside.  I become a tiny bit excited when the birds arrive to eat; I would love to catch one.  Actually when Mommy was on spring break I did bring a dead bird into the house.  She didn't notice at first.  She ran outside for a minute, and when she came back in I was standing there holding a bird in my mouth!  Mommy was shocked to say the least.  I'm not sure how she didn't notice earlier, but I had to turn it over to her after she chased me to my crate. 

Anyway, sometimes while I am lying by the door, a squirrel will appear on the feeder.  I become so excited I start whining and wagging.  Usually one of my parents will open the door to "release the beast!"  That's what they say when I go flying out.  I head straight to the steps of the deck (on the opposite side of the feeder) and hightail it to the fence.  The squirrel is usually making its way across the top of the fence back to the woods.  I haven't caught one yet, but I've come close!  I'm not sure what I'll do with it when I catch it . . .

If you need me, I'll be on squirrel patrol!

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