Friday, May 31, 2013

Spot On!

It's been rainy here the past two weeks.  It really stresses me out when it rains because that means I can't play fetch.  Fetch has to be my favorite past time.  Seriously, I think I like it better than eating.  (I think that's number one on the list of "Things You'll Never Hear Jenna Say.")  If the grass isn't too wet, then Mommy will come out and play with me.  But she hates it when my under-carriage becomes muddy from all of my running around. 

To help me run off some energy and not get muddy, Mommy recently decided to take us upstairs to play in the "bowling alley."  That is what Daddy calls the master closet.  It extends over the entire length of the garage and is the best feature of the house according to Mommy.  When you couple the closet with the full length of the hallway, you have quite a little run for me to get some exercise.

Mommy sat at the opposite end of the hallway and began to throw the tennis ball down the hallway and hopefully, if her aim is true, into the closet.  Jenna and I had fun running back and forth to fetch the ball a few times.  Then Hunter had to go and spoil it for us.  He decided to settle on the floor right in the middle of our path.  This made fetching the ball slightly more difficult.  We were doing fine until the ball bounced off Hunter and landed behind the plant stand.  And that's when Jenna had to go and spoil it for us. 

If I had been alone, I would have spotted the ball behind the plant stand and then pointed it out to Mommy.  A few whines later and she would have shown what a good retriever she is too.  But fearless Jenna was there.  She wasn't going to let a little obstacle stand in her way!  She went for the ball, and Mommy watched helplessly from the other end of the hallway as the plant began to fall.  Mommy said it was as if the whole thing was in slow motion.  She couldn't get up fast enough to catch it.

The worst part was that the plant had been recently watered, so not only was there dirt on the carpet, but WET DIRT!  This was one time when Mommy didn't slow down for the camera.  She tried to quickly move us out of the way so we didn't step in it and rub it into the carpet.  She had to drag the vacuum out as well as some carpet cleaner.  It took a few days for all of the wet, black potting soil to come up, but it finally did.

It may be a while before we do that again!

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