Monday, April 29, 2013

Morning Conversation Overheard

This past weekend we overheard Mommy and Daddy talking.  It went something like this . . .

Mommy: I am going to the antique store to see if they still have that piece of furniture.  It's been there for four months, so I think they might be ready to move it. 

Daddy:  Where are you going to put it?

Mommy:  The perfect place would be where the girls' crates are.

Daddy:  Where would you put their crates?

Mommy:  Well . . . they are turning three this week.  They're old enough to stay out all day.  Hunter left his crate behind when he was eight months old.  We could store the crates in the basement.

Daddy:  Seriously?  Have you met our dawgs??? 

Mommy: (laughing) Of course, but I think they'll be fine.

Daddy: But what about the house?  Have you seen them chase each other?  The house might not survive. 

Mommy: So that's a no on the furniture??

Daddy: Where would Dixie go to hide when she's stressed?  Where would Jenna rest?  Where would Jenna eat?

Mommy:  That is definitely a NO!

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