Sunday, May 5, 2013


WARNING: Do not read if you have a weak stomach!

Do you like pancakes?  We all do at my house!  As long as I have been alive, I have been allowed to indulge in a pancake or two whenever Mommy and Daddy have them for breakfast.  They don't make pancakes that often, but when they do I chow down. 

Daddy made Mommy pancakes this weekend.  He likes the silver dollar kind, so he made quite a few.  After they ate breakfast, he fixed six more pancakes (two for each of us).  We gladly accepted the little golden circles of yumminess and ate them in a flash.  As Mommy cleaned the kitchen, she and Daddy worked on polishing off the bacon.  Being the kind parents they are, they decided to share a few bites with us.  Dixie and I waited patiently at their feet for a scrap to be thrown our way. 

We were all enjoying the bacon tidbits until Mommy suddenly realized something really strange . . . Jenna was NO WHERE around.  Food was involved and Jenna wasn't there!?!?!?  A quick scan of the den didn't reveal where she was, so Mommy stepped out of the kitchen for a better look.  There was Jenna at the edge of the den accompanied by three piles of vomit!  Ugh!!  It was all there: her regular food and two not-so-yummy pancakes.   Thankfully Jenna had the wherewithal to hit the tile and not the carpet.  Good girl!  I guess she ate her pancakes too fast and got a little choked up.  Poor girl.

Mommy immediately began to clean up the mess as Daddy tried not to gag.  Ever since I was a puppy, Daddy has had an aversion to vomit.  I think it has something to do with the time I was sitting on Poppa's lap on the sofa and threw up right on him!!  Daddy says I'm lucky he and Poppa didn't throw up on me as a result!  If Daddy is home alone and there is an accident, he just drags out the carpet cleaner.  Mommy tells him he can't do that with the chunks, but he has proven her wrong.  Our carpet cleaner must have four wheel drive.   There is no way Daddy is touching that stuff! 

I think we all learned our lesson today.  We now know what happens when you overindulge . . . at least when Jenna overindulges! 

Happy Eating,

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