Friday, May 10, 2013

Dawg Years

I know some of you are wondering why Mommy has been allowing me to reminisce about my soon-to-be eleven years.  She isn't one hundred percent sure of the reason herself.  Maybe because I'm the oldest dawg she has ever had the privilege to co-habitate with.  She wants me to be around for as long as she is, but we all know dawgs don't live forever.  For that matter, neither do Mommies or Daddies!  Recently, Daddy told me he wished I could live forever.  At the same time, he also said that I should just stop breathing on him!  (I am a heavy breather sometimes.)  But enough talk about unpleasantness.  Last weekend Mommy and Daddy went through all of my pictures and found some of their favorites.  They said I could share them with you so you could see how much I have changed over the years. 

Several of Mommy's friends will tell you she likes to take pictures of herself and her friends with her camera.   One day she and I had a session that was hilarious.  We ended up with about seven decent photos.  What do you think of this one?  It really cracks my parents up!  You can tell I'm young because my head and neck are so thin.  I was about a year old at the time.  We must be related; Mommy and I both have big noses!
Say cheese!  I like cheese!

No one remembered that I used to lie all over Mommy on the sofa . . . just like Jenna!

Although I don't wear my doggles any more (a name I did NOT make up),
I am and always will be one super cool dude!
I used to do the "Superman" stretch.  That was before two ACL surgeries! 
Now I just have to watch my sisters do it!

I am the only dawg to ever set paw on Grandma's white sofa and live to tell about it!
I hope you've enjoyed traveling down memory lane with me the past few months.  I'll be sure to share pictures from my big day with you next week. 

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